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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Etched In My Memory ~ New Orleans


Almost one year later, the worst man$made disaster on American soil in modern American history, of a Metropolitan American City. The most horrific natural siege upon a wide swath of the American Gulf Coast. Traumatic loss of life, property, and prosperity.

A heart wrenching exodus of hundreds of thousands of citizens. An awful exhibit of American corporate greed and the defining moment that floated an entangled red reel of government tape out to a horrified national and global audience of sympathizing neighbors.

Fear, anger, sorrow and death. The alarming first one second shock, in a one second pan of suffering victims, a hundred thousand times over. The lost babies, the little children, the teens, the elderly, the women, the men and their beloved pets.

The miles and miles of water where land should've been. The sea of sludge where neighborhoods were. Manifestations of peculiar mixed-action behavior by the entire administration, the homeland security federal emergency management agency, the defense department and the Louisiana governing bodies.

Todays city has come a long way in a short 11 months, that seems like an eternity. An eternity to the living breathing dignified survivors, the yearning exiled, the patient trailer dwellers, the pioneering tent dwellers, the determined neighborhood rebels. A glorious testimony to sheer human stamina, to be part of, to belong, to thrive.

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