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Friday, August 11, 2006

Only A Small Reflection Of War

An Editorial that went out to The Times Picayune, was a scolding well needed. The overall media in the United States has not put out, nor centered their attention on much of anything that the mainstream cares about or is concerned about. The media has a responsibility to provide real news from around the nation and the globe, but very few make a real effort to portray the reality of our bizaar-O world today. If the media only knew how biased they looked. Readily reporting on and showing bombings and bodies from Israel, Palestine and Lebanon. Where are the sites and sounds from Iraq? The American media needs to repair their backbone and get off that toxic lite liquid diet they have been sipping for 6 years.

...August 12, 2006 - By Peter Baker, Staff Writer for The Washington Post "The Media and the obscure Team Bush"...

July 30. 2006 - A Live Journal from Spin the wheel Sometimes tears are all that there is.

Commentary: Minnesota's Team Bush has the local media right where they want it too...around their finger, under their thumb and maintaining a proper walking distance behind. Oh, but only in a good way.

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