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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Air America Radio Could Open Doors For The Democratic Party

August 2, 2006

The Washington Posts Jim VandeHei, Staff Writer
reports on the vulnerability that still plagues the Democratic Party. A multitude of varying prisms reflect outward from the entire party. This 'Is' a strength, though the party leaders have yet to figure out how to debut this diversity within diversity in a wise and wonderful effort to the mainstream public.

A wise and wonderful way to capture the attention of mainstream America, is to roll out the voice of mainstream America - through Air America. Find a spot on each network (not cable), during some weekly prime time re-re-re-run, before or after the nightly news. Maybe a half an hour format with each of our favorite shows, enlivening our otherwise irritating or dull 7pm to 10pm Monday through Friday.

Roll out Big Ed, Randi Rhodes, Rachel Madow, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann and the other breaths of fresh Air America. The 3 networks might actually want this rebel rousing, thought provoking, nose hound bunch of liberal, centered, moderate, progressive truth tellers, to grace their television air waves. Today's Paul and Paula Revere mean Ratings!

The Air America bunch have integrity, are creative and they play it real without one ounce of pretentiousness. They most definitely are not party pleaser's and best of all, they pretty much represent the real un-fanatic mainstream of America.

Since the radio towers that carry Air America are not very strong, many people can only get a clear reception through the internet or a car radio. There are people who are NPR only and still haven't ventured over to AM 950.

Can't get the station downstairs, but do get a crackeling static with Rachel Madow upstairs in the mornings. Can catch some of Stephanie Miller on the way to work. If I am lucky, I can listen to Big Ed while going to a meeting, a late lunch or on the way home from work. And preparing dinner is much more interesting when Randi Rhodes is doing her thing.

Snippets of each add an edge of knowing and a wider perspective to what is going on in the world. I may not agree with everything each show puts out there, but that is the lure. The shows respectfully invite the opposer, the objector, the offender and the offended. I enjoy how the shows come across to me.

Air America Radio visiting mainstream television (not cable) could be the first and last voice for middle America in another unstable election year. Air America could be just what the Democratic Party needs to listen to, learn from and lead by. That is if they ever hope to advance their cause, help the voter and gain trust.
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