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Friday, August 18, 2006

Architect of Oppression


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Update 8/19/2006 - The Washington Post
Staff Writers Tim Craig and Michael D. Shear report Allen Flap
May Give A Boost To Webb Reenergized Va. Democrats Gain Support

Sense and Sensibility for our .com world posts
Great Comment on Senator Allen's Macaca Moment - Let's assume for the moment that the Macaca moment was not premeditated, that it was an ad lib. That means Allen instinctively or subconsciously believed
written by Eugene Robinson at The Washington Post and links comments made by George Allen through an ABC news report.

8/16/2006 - What Happened To My Country?

My husband, an avid sports fan, recognized the Virginia Senators name instantly and was very surprised when he learned that the NFL Coach from California was his father. My husband holds George Allen, esteemed athletic coach, in high regard.

Recieved an email from the Color of Change...

From Color of Change

Racism has no place in the Senate
Call on the RNC to withdraw its support for Senator Allen
It may be okay in George Allen's America to demean someone based on their ethnicity. But it’s not okay in ours. Senator Allen's behavior--both his words and his refusal to come clean and truly apologize--has no place in American politics. He should step down.
Unless the Republican Party shares Allen's ideology, they should drop their support for his Senate race and identify a candidate that believes racism and ethnocentrism aren't American Values. Join us in calling on the Republican National Committee to withdraw its support of Sen. Allen immediately. Add your voice now!

Here is the letter that will be delivered to Ken Mehlman, Chair of the RNC, unless your create your own. The letter will have your name on it.

Dear Mr. Mehlman,
During Senator George Allen's campaign stop on August 11, 2006 in Breaks, VA he spoke to the crowd about running a "positive and constructive campaign" and how we must "motivate and inspire people for something." Sadly, the comments that followed were the kind that only inspire hatred and divisiveness. Racial slurs are not positive and constructive in any context, and certainly not as part of a political campaign.

In his speech he called a staffer from his opponent's campaign "macaca" or "macaque"– a word that means "monkey" in French and that is used as a racist and derogatory term in French-speaking countries and by white supremacists in the United States. His claim that he is unaware of the word's meaning is dubious, given that the senator speaks French, and that his mother is from Tunisia, where the term has been used.

After using this epithet twice, Sen. Allen "welcomed" the staffer -- S.R. Sidarth -- to America and Virginia. This young man of Indian descent is no less American than George Allen -- having been born and raised in Virginia. Ironically, Sidarth is more of a real Virginian than the senator, who grew up in Illinois and California.

George Allen is in fact the one who needs an introduction to the real world of America. In the America we live in and believe in, no politician should think that it's acceptable to single someone out because of their skin color, to assume they're not "American" based on their ethnicity, or to call them "monkey." America requires better and Virginia deserves better in its representation.

To continue to endorse, as a representative of the GOP, a man who has behaved in this manner would call into question the values and priorities of your party. Out of respect for the citizens of Virginia and the values of our country I encourage you to withdraw all support for Senator Allen's candidacy for re-election to the Senate.


[your name here]

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