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Monday, September 24, 2007

Perfect Example Why Republicans 'Can't' Lead In This Very Diverse Country

Do I really need to offer comment on this one.....???

Salon News The GOP gets gaudy in Michigan By Michael Scherer

A nearby sign explains that ladies "may not be attired in slacks" and gentlemen must wear coats and ties after 6 p.m.

Salon Letters to the Editor Comment: Only 5 star hotel in Michigan "Let me put VanAndel in a more harsh light; he is one of the biggest contributers to W's campaign, he ran for gov. and lost, his wife's father is one of the founder's of Blackwater and she is the head of the GOP in MI. The League of Women Voters has been virtually disbanded. He is like a Dutch godfather; only Italians have a little more compassion. They are from a strict religion that makes the Catholics look positively progressive. Which wouldn't matter except that they want us to follow their moral rules." by Abby.optimist

Celebrating The Little Rock Nine ~ Louis Armstrongs All Stars Sunday, September 23, 2007 "So, collectively, what the Republican frontrunners have told both black and brown Americans is that we don't appreciate you, don't value your issues and you're not a priority to us."

Rise of the Have-Nots by - By Harold Meyerson The Washington Post Your On...32 Comments September 27, 2007 "On the other hand. it will give subsidies to wealthy corporations without seeing that this is the unwisest form of socialism because it distorts the market system."
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