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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Not All Politicians Throw Rocks At Glass Houses ~ Too Few

Rise of the Have-Nots by - By Harold Meyerson The Washington Post Your On...32 Comments September 27, 2007 "Over the past 40 years the Republicans have transformed the USA from merely being one of several advanced industrial societies into the wealthiest and most powerful third world nation on earth. If that ain't progress then I don't know what is!"

On C-SPAN this morning most callers conveyed my sentiments about the delay in Congress dealing with the Iraq "Invasion" -- "Occupation" spending.

However, there was one guy who looked at this as a tactic by the (D) in congress, a backdoor attempt to force something out of somebody. This guy seemed to sincerely believe his assumption. So, I don't begrudge him his opinion.

The congress is delaying something that the 'People' want ended.

In my opinion, I think that this delay is economical....down and dirty economics.

Does congress really believe that going forward towards the holidays that people are going to forget about this until 2008?

Are they thinking that maybe people won't spend the dollars they have, on the holidays?

Is congress afraid that the stocks they have invested will essentially become useless?

Is congress afraid that the people will revolt before the holidays because the (D) and (R) and 1 - (I) are going to give the $'s being asked for, no matter what the 'people' want?

Does congress think by delaying their war mongering mentality, they will remain in a protective bubble till 2008?

Is congress really just trying to 'Dumb Down' the nation even more?

The 'Sane' candidates are beginning to emerge and the war mongering candidates will be weeded out and shown the door.........

In a Democratic debate, rivals assail Clinton By Steve Holland and Ellen Wulfhorst
Reuters The Washington Post Thursday, September 27, 2007
Barack Obama "He reiterated his position that he would engage in direct talks with Iran, a pledge Clinton has said shows Obama is too inexperienced to be president."

"We've got to talk to our enemies and not just our friends," Obama said.

Always "Consider the Source" When You Read What Was Said About Barack Obama... by awakening Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Perfect Example Why Republicans 'Can't' Lead In This Very Diverse Country by awakening Monday, September 24, 2007 "But then again, there are too few (D) that could lead too."
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