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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Eve - Tambourine (Soul Train Line) From: JoeBraxton Joined: 6 months ago

Old 1970's Soul Train Line dancing to Tambourin....

LOVED Soul Train! The reception was so bad....fuzzy with wavy lines. I tried everything to get those rabbit ears to clear the snow. Some Saturday's it worked and other it didn't. Getting a dose of Bandstand, Soul Train and Saturday Night Live, sure made for a complete Saturday when I wasn't working. Got my work permit when I was 14 years I worked most Saturday's. But when I could, I would get into Soul Train the most. The local radio stations where I lived weren't playing a lot of the songs that Soul Train played. The video above is a Fun Flash back to my era! No retro clothes for this lady, I wore the originals and that was that.
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