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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Happened to the Village of family and friends?


Dear Hillary,

Hope to see Patti work the television circuit on your behalf, with more real people from your campaign.

Chelsea did an outstanding job talking with a group of students, she emphasized the health care plan to include Dental and Mental health care. Didn't know this and think it’s important for you to break it down for the masses.

Define yourself...a citizen, a mother, a wife, a working woman.

The middle class could achieve that status 'middle class' because the family unit included Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. One tiny family was usually never alone or isolated, they had a wider circle of relatives and friends. Their safety net of every day hope and aspirations. The village.

Who has benefited from all of your good legislation? What do they look like?

The thing that matters to every family is at the heart of the family, whether family by blood or by happenstance.

What is at the heart of today’s American family?

And the hardest thing you may have to do is talk about the 110th Congress, as a whole. I am very critical of this present Congress. At least the 109th Congress held a majority of those who would do the will and the bidding of the current administration. Utter obstructionist behavior through and through.

The 110th can't use that excuse. Not unless they want to identify themselves as obstructionists against what the majority of the people want. Since it takes 60 votes to advance an initiative, speak to how this can be done.

The thousand pound elephant in the room...Congress. I am sorry if this offends you, but it had to be said. You are still my hero from the 1990's. But Bush didn't do his awful damage to our country all alone, he needed Congress, to make it happen and to keep it going.

There are many of us, who feel equally responsible for the horrific plight of the Iraqi people. Many of us feel the shame that this Occupation has yielded. Many of us feel the heartache of a lost soldier.

So, in reality...when you bring up bush, you bring back memories of a Congress that let this happen.

Define yourself once and for all. Separate yourself from Congress and talk about why you as President will not expect this or any Congress to blindly follow you where ever you intend to take our nation. They and you will have to challenge each other sensibly and thoughtfully.

Enforce the fact that Congress is meant to be part of the American experiment...the democratic republic experiment, not an enabler of anti-citizen attitudes.

There is so much I want to say. Not enough time and too long.

In conclusion, if you are to get through to all ages of voter's...find out what is really at the heart of each voter?

Ask them soon. You have the essence of Unity 2008 at your finger tips!

I became a John Edwards supporter after you voted to make the Iranian Guard a terrorist group. I am not a (D); I am a pacifist and an (I). After all of these years, I had to let go of my hero, you.

It was extremely difficult to transfer my attention away from you. It wrenched my heart to do this.

I chose John Edwards because at the heart of his campaign was the whole family and everything about the family.

I believed 'It takes a village.' I still do. But the years and years of dislocation, relocation and separation, has taken its toll on entire families and the village faces seem unrecognizable to those that just arrived. They don't know if they can stay, so the village just remains full of strangers.

Break through that feeling and people will see you as the one that understands. Truly understands that 'Home' is where you should get to stay. Thank you.
With Respectful Sincerity,

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