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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary's Daughter ~ A Mothers Pride & Joy


My Daughter Is my Pride and Joy! She helps me to look through her eyes when she needs me for those experienced talks. She shares her pain when she needs my inner strength. She voices her life's goal when she needs me to listen with my heart. My daughter's life is to grow forward, ahead of me, but within reach of a hug. And one day when I'm very, very old, she'll help me get lost in wonderful memories that only a Mother and Daughter can awakening

Clinton Family Campaigns in Md. By LISA REIN and LORI ARATANI Washington Post staff writers

"I caught Chelsea describing her Mother's health care plan in detail, to an audience of students, she included the Dental and Mental Health Care piece as well. Which is often a missing component, but equally as important. Chelsea has a very effective speaking style, I was impressed by the way she used herself as an example, too." by awakening

Chelsea Come Lately Public Advocate: Chelsea's in a visible role By Arian Campo-Flores NEWSWEEK Feb 18, 2008 Issue "Audiences usually respond warmly to her. "She's a very genuine person," says the actress America Ferrera, who has joined Chelsea on the campaign trail."

This family gave us much to be Thankful for in the 1990's. Their daughter gave kids a connection to who the President and First Lady were...parents just like their Mom and Dad. We've watched the First daughter grow up to be an outstanding young adult. The kind of person that Mom's and Dad's everywhere would be proud to kids loved Chelsea when she was little like them. Most parents would not blink twice when their child would rise to the occasion to offer a hand to help, when needed. Most kids, who truly love their parent, wouldn't think twice about being involved when help is needed. When Hillary Clinton said "It takes a village" she knew that her daughter would benefit. Well, today we see how grown up our Chelsea is. The loving daughter, the interested citizen and the insightful woman has temporarily left her life path to walk with her Mom for awhile. What an honor for both of them, what an honor for us. A Mother with her Daughter and Daughter along side her Mother, on the campaign trail for the President of the United States. This is historical!

Chelsea Clinton USA Today By Beth Fouhy, Associated Press 2007 "Ronald Reagans daughter Patti has only praise for Chelsea."

COMMENT section has good advice for voters, that media staff should also heed.

Before Hillary cast that last vote, the one that put me on the fence......She is still my hero from the 1990's no matter what....

An Independent Clinton for President? Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Unfortunately, a lot of the mashers were of the same party. Of course the other party wouldn't have wanted anything that could impose rules on their ability to maintain cash flow either, through investments and other perks."
"Senator Clinton is one of the gifted change agents, with the most necessary 'critical thinking skills,' a capacity for visionary ideas, a judicious intellect and a respectful embracer of diversity; cultures, generations, economics, social and commerce."

A Clinton Will Lead the Way Again Saturday, July 01, 2006

President Clinton Punched A Big Hole In A Neo-Cult Bubble Monday, September 25, 2006
"When I see President and Senator Clinton, along with their daughter, I never feel more proud, more inspired, then when I see true pioneers of democracy in action. Thank you Clinton family!"

When The White House Was The Symbol of A Democratic Republic Wednesday, January 31, 2007
"Welcome to the Web Site of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. As First Lady, Mrs. Clinton has worked to improve the lives of people here and around the world."

WOW! I am watching CSPAN 2 where Hillary was speaking at a Virginia town hall meeting on Sunday. Point by Point by Point!

The John Edwards Blog Is Going Off Line Tuesday Feb 12, 2008! Monday, February 11, 2008

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