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Tuesday, August 19, 2008



For my little LADY BUG DANCE by Mary Youngblood ~MUSIC~

Driving up the highway to go visit my beautiful Daughter and Granddaughter, I saw a license plate with the word "KACHINA." I tried to catch the state but couldn't see it. While visiting and playing in the sprinkler with my granddaughter (with my work clothes on! Grandma's will do anything to make their grandchildren happy.) we saw a dead toad laying on the sidewalk. We thought it was dead and I said "Poor little toad." My granddaughter looked at me with an odd scowl and then looked back down to the toad. I told her it would be O.K. that he will go back into the earth now. My daughter gave me a sack and a magazine to scoop him up with. We decided he should go to recycling instead of the trash, for my granddaughter's comfort. When I went to scoop him up, he jumped up and into the bag. We all screamed! Then we started laughing. My granddaughter helped me release him to the safety of the bushes, alive! We smiled at each other and ran back into the sprinkler.
Native American Life Living Art

Blue Kachina Prophecy

Kachina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - in Hopi, the word Kachina means literally "life bringer", and can be anything that exists in the natural world or cosmos.
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