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Thursday, August 28, 2008



Now, I sort of feel left out of the (D)s party again....

Senator Hillary Clinton is absolutely awesome! President Bill Clinton is absolutely awesome! He and she had the first complete list of talking points "AGAINST" voting for Senator John McCain and for voting in Senator Barack Obama.

I actually voted for Ross Perot in 1992. I liked Ross Perot's pragmatic approach to government. One thing Ross Perot was NOT, he was not a fanatic (we call them neocons and neolibs today), he was an Independent! I learned quite a bit about the national debt and how government works through visual aids, that I never knew. And at that time, it was about repairing the damage the reagan and bush-1 administrations did to this country at the time. I must 've missed the (D)s message then, cuz I didn't hear them and passed over Bill Clinton the first time. I did vote for Bill Clinton the 2nd time though. He had earned my vote by then! Who could have ever imagined that the bush-2 administration would decimate, divide and dirty our great country on so many levels. Sen. John McCain is too close to bush-2 and that is really bad for our great country. Really, really, really bad for our country! I don't think the (D)'s will need my vote this time around. So, I'll check out all the 'other' candidates on the campaign trail. If I find one that speaks to me, then I might vote for them. If Sen. Obama can explain why he voted for FISA, why he changed his position on Offshore drilling, And if I feel like he speaks to me then maybe I'll give another look his way. But at the moment, I will not vote for Sen. Obama. Another turn off is what the (D) party has been morphing into. I don't feel comfortable with some of the stunts the (D)'s did in congress, like the Christmas vote. And of course the loud sound of silence in challenging both the neocons and bushdogs on their insane mantra of life, liberty and the pursuit of their 'own' happiness. I read at Irregular Times that the (D)'s will promote mixing religion with government. That’s a big NO-NO to me. I also read that AT&T gave the bushdogs a wonderful reward for their lap dog loyalty. Hmmm.....I don't think I can hand off my vote to a party that seems to be sliding even farther away from their original roots. Without Hillary to support (the best messenger with the best message), I will be able to take a magnifying glass to the (D)s before the November election. I would have to hold my nose, my breath and squeeze my eyes shut before I could vote democrat right now, without Hillary. I have two months to figure it out. Then I will silently vote my conscience. Lastly, THANKS to the Clintons...I still have American pride and a lot of American steam to run on, all the way up to November 2008.
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