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Tuesday, September 09, 2008



DO NOT DO A WRITE IN! Many states do not allow write-ins and ...

...How about some "bumper stickers" or pins or anything! ...

How wonderful to see so many people feel exactly like I do... ...but I will not be voting for Obama... ...We can only hope Hillary runs again, and this time we will not let her lose.

Missouri doesn't seem to get it. Writing In Hillary Clinton for President is still 'my' vote, 'my' conscience and 'my' voice. As a long time voter I did not arrive at this decision easily. After 28 years of voting, this decision is not a whimsical one. This decision came about after taking in 'all' possibilities. Writing In Hillary is an act of principled purpose. I will write-in Hillary on purpose because I believe without a doubt that she is the BEST candidate for the job of President. I would be pleasantly surprised if my tiny voice added strength to the ripple being created by others that feel the same way. A ripple that might be felt by the DNC. I doubt it though. What ever the DNC is now, it is 18,000,000 miles away from what I thought they were really about as a whole. What the DNC did was wrong and Senator Obama and his staff went along with it. The straw that broke the camels back for me was when Sen. Clinton was not picked for VP. My vote is not for the DNC hand picked candidate. Hillary was chosen by the people, not a party. That makes a bigger statement about what 18,000,000 plus voters saw as a winning Dream Team. The DNC ignored the winning combination of candidates that certainly would have helped us restore and repair the damage the bush administration caused for eight long miserable years. McCain equals BUSH, to me. Therefore, the only act of principled purpose I can take in good conscience, is to Write-In Hillary Clinton for President!

By the way, Governor Arne Carlson of MN came in at the last minute as a WRITE-IN and he won - 2 terms January 7, 1991 to January 4, 1999! Governor Carlson was an Independent Republican and one of the best Governors MN has had. His party at the time is not the same party we have today. That would be the party of NeoCons that we have today. And alas, we have neoLibs too.

I'm voting for the person that made me feel like everyone would have a voice and a place in this great country of ours!!!

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"I remember that when Arne Carlson was running for his first term as a write-in, I was one of the crew distributing stickers to the mail slots of my fellow classmates. I'm pretty sure that they were paper fill-in-the-dot-with-a-number-two-pencil kinds of ballots then, so applying the sticker on the spare spot was no big deal. I dunno what they'd do now that electronic voting machines are used."

Protesting the Election of 2008 by by taggles at The Confluence September 8, 2008 "This is about much more than defeating Obama alone and I ask that everyone who has given an ounce of energy to this important cause to remember that." AND "No matter how you get there is fine. Whether it is not voting at the top of the ticket, voting third party, or writing in Hillary or for..." AND "A vote is a personal decision, one of conscience."
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