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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~ Photographer Bill Klotz on Day 4 of Protests ~

2008 Republican National Convention September 5th, 2008 by Adam Johnson Politics in Minnesota Minnesota Capital Report.

These Photos are not only really good, but they also hold an image of Minnesota that is really bad. Free speech and the right for civil disobedience are great American traditions. Being called a "police state" is disturbing and it does appear we are? The YouTube video's, the blog articles and some media outlets are getting the real stories out into the mainstream. Some of the stories are very alarming and they may just be the tip of the iceberg. Did the covert style pre-arrests and the severe abuse (some report torture) of the protesters come about because the RNC were so fearful that they set in motion something better left in Pandora’s evil twin brother Dandora's box. The extremist faction of the RNC looks to have been left in charge of 'security.' What should have been normal American style 'Security' looked more like military militia (was blackwater here too?) style assaults upon the LEGAL protester citizen. The RNC look like they had a taste for blood before they even got started with the convention. I think these are the same people that chant "fight them over there so they don't have to fight them over here!" while they lock up, steal away and erase our US citizen Freedoms. You know..."look over there while I scam the hell out of you" is not exclusive to the (R) though. There are bush dog (D) who act and think the same way too. They both seem to thirst for the blood of their own countrymen and women? Great, they (R) had to pick Minnesota for their convention. Now we will be forever known as the "police state where bridges fall down" to all of those peaceful protesters and visitors from all over our nation and from all over the world. The bridge collapse that caused death and the brutal protest arrests and beatings. Minnesota has been morphing since we lost our last good Governor. My little world of wonderful Minnesotans, will continue to shake and quake because of continued economic uncertainty in the mortgage crisis, the continued loss of jobs and the continued loss of basic needs. All of these seemingly hopeless issues lead back to a criminal invasion and occupation called the Iraq WAR (Invasion - Occupation) and makes a path right up to the bush administration. Add in the cost of the two political conventions and drastic increases in local Minnesotan house payments on 30 year there's two more, no three more, straw's laid on the back of the average tax payer. More of us will go down by the end of the year, meaning out of money, out of jobs and out of a home. Is "We the People." morphing into "We the Party?"

Oh, by the way Al Franken won the DFL primary and Sen. Norm Coleman won his...whoopee, ho-hum, whatever.... and Alison Krueger won over Mark Olson (lot's of bad baggage there). That one interests me more right now. It is a game changer for the entrenched MN (R). Mark Olson is a buddy of Michele Bachmann (who won over Patty Wetterling) and Bachmann is connected to Mark Kennedy. Mark Kennedy who won over Patty Wetterling and lost to Amy Klobuchar ( still the worst vote I've ever cast my entire time voting). So, it will be interesting to see if Alison is a buddy (hope not) of Michele Bachmann who is basically an "ANTI" everything and everybody policy maker of things not fitting neatly into her religious beliefs. That will be an interesting one to watch for the Big Lake area for the state senate seat. If you want to check out any of these "party players" go to MNPublius who has some good videos on Olson or go to Dump Michele Bachmann to learn about Bachmann and Olson's tactless trip in the realm of prosperity religion and politics.

I Take it back DNC!....A Message To The DNC...Come To The Twin Cities Too! Thursday, September 28, 2006 We signed the "WRITE-IN HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT" petition!
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