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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Just Another Democratic National Committee Love Letter

Please tell me that you - the Democratic National Committee didn't really decide to sit on the sidelines, the past several years, on purpose? Tell me that your great idea for a come back, wasn't based on just letting the other party dig their own graves, like some of my card carrying DFL friends are saying?

Please tell me that you - the powerful politician, are not just waiting it out - without a word, without a strong 'meaningful' message till September? While you have waited it out in the shadows with a few grandstanding moments, you have inadvertently helped to create the present state of our nation.

When you didn't arrive in a huge constant numbered force, to physically be there for the Gulf Coast people, your excuse was that it wasn't the right time. You wouldn't treat a family member or a friend like that when they suffered loss, would you? And when you did arrive after months of doing other things, a few here and a few there, a handful actually held the hand of or gave a hug to - a devastated person along the way. Most of you stayed away from the people when you went on your bus rides through the 9th ward.

Recently, out of a long, long list of political injustices, failures and criminal acts, your strategic short intervals of public out cry made you look like a wounded lamb, a target and one time, avenging. However, all your silence, reluctance and avoidance reigns supreme. Both the Senate and the House lobby reform bills of recent months says volumes about the problems within both party's and your desire for free reign lobbying and for what it brings you.

Without practical reigns and rules, it causes problems ultimately for the average citizen...everything at the top trickles down to us. It does cause exclusions of good ideas and good initiatives, in what might have been a more fair and honest playing field to compete for politician attention. Sitting down on the side lines for this one is what sent me to do this letter. You said you were going to strive to make honest changes, this was the last test before the elections, to see if you could put the citizens before yourself. Where was the press conference?

Rampant proven corruption on one side of the isle does not let you off the hook with me, the voter. Don't throw rocks at glass houses? You know, I was toying with the idea of voting democrat, in order to help turn the tide. I am being hard on you - DNC - because I needed to believe that you had something I could relate to or something of substance that would benefit a nation of average people. I haven't been a party supporter for 26 years, my last day as a true blue democrat was the Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferrero campaign. I will be voting my conscience.

I remember my four year old daughter suggesting strongly to everyone we knew, as to who they should vote for. In the grocery store, in our neighborhood, at pre-school and all the way into the voting booth. Although equally as sad at the loss, she vowed to go into politics one day. I found my way out of the democratic party, to making my decisions based solely on the issues of the day, individual character in matters of day to day business, is important. The visible track record - not necessarily political- could be humanitarian, social or community advocacy or activism.

It is never about using my moral or values compass as a gauge to decide upon a public servant. If I trust that the individual can keep focused, to stay grounded and not let their personal beliefs spill out onto the people, I can envision them doing the job elected for. I still believe that a public official can be successful when embracing all people, even if he / she doesn't adhere to those sets of belief systems. It takes a lot more work to look past the politics of a campaigning candidate.

A candidate could look and act exactly the way I'd want, tell me things I'd want to hear. But that doesn't mean good or great things will come of it. If I can find one thread of commonality (direct or indirect) in a myriad of common themes of one candidate, they have at least earned some limited attention. Sort of like a Human Resource person scanning 60 seconds or less catch my attention or go back in the pile to review later. Same thing.

It is about who can do the elected job with integrity, for the whole of the people, within the confines of the existing laws. If we have done our homework thoroughly, hopefully the person will not be a crook, political puppet or worse. Unfortunately, if we do elect a scoundral or worse, the elected body must hold that individual accountable, publically. Public official, public service, tax payer dollars and a land of laws, would the reasons.

I've been alarmed by the DNC and RNC's tendency to look like co-dependents of an abusive family member. Anyone who knows of how a co-dependent person acts will also tell you how dysfunctional it is. Highs and lows, in and out, calm and outbursts - inappropriate or misplaced Passive Aggressive behavior. The tag line 'Party of Family Values'...smacks of one sided fanaticism and excludes people who do not understand whether you mean a traditional Norman Rockwell family or something else. Either way, if you're becoming a 'party of puritan's' entrenched in religion, you are farther off course then I had imagined you were.

You are leaving behind a segment of the population who believe that it is not your place to decide this matter, nor plan or pander to what a family should behave like. Some of my favorite people in the world do not go to church, do not believe in god and do not look like a traditional family, yet they and their family are good people and solid citizens. And if you are a party of family values, then are you now not a party of all things employment, education, and community related?

What about housing needs, health care needs, nutrition needs and then there is senior care, child care and family care. What happened to initiatives and laws to protect employees from crimes of corporate greed where people lost their entire retirement plans after 10, 20 and 30 years of employment. Or the employee who never expects to receive regular full time hours with benefits, but instead works two and three jobs to barely make end meet?

Then there is environmental controls necessary to protect people and nature from hazardous waste and materials. Expecting truthful and reasonable access or disclosure in all services paid for through tax dollars. And being able to secure the means to recover from any type of disaster, without being embroiled in a succession of consumer battles to receive fair compensation or reimbursement. Don't forget about the middle class contributer, an endangered species. Absent attention on anyone not yet in the range of the middle classes, may not have one to aspire to, sooner rather than later.

The list goes on and not one appears to be a values driven issue for the family. It looks like more of an ethical matter on the part of the employer, company and agency (private and public). Without balance in the arena of commerce and consumerism, someone is going to be taken to the cleaners and I don't think it's corporate america. So, what do you mean when you say "Party of Family Values?" At least the message "It Takes a Village" invited everyone to be part of our children's lives and invest in their future. The message was not a party motto, it was a social idea, a concept. Since it is average financial family security that has been slowly eroding, basic needs and basic desires are at the heart of every family living in the United States of America.

Re-creating a stable government environment from a stale mate of failures, will hopefully allow families and individuals to recover. Its impossible to aspire to grow healthy physically, emotionally and mentally, if the government environment is dysfunctional and toxic. It puts an awful burden on the average citizens household infrastructure when the very foundation to build upon is lacking in financial access to quality materials, ie., all the needs listed a top.

Elements of discord, arrogance, bias, greed, apathy, animosity, selfishness, vanity and elitism, has been and is, rolling all over Capital Hill. You the DNC really had a chance to stand on a soap box and yell 'empowerment' at the top of your lungs, many times, to the multitude of injustice befalling the citizens of our country. You may not be near as bad as your counter-parts, but I refuse to decide between the lesser of two evils.

You - DNC believe that people will most likely vote for your party because they have no other options, but you are wrong.

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