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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Small Business Administration

The SBA was doomed before Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast...Read February 18 - SBA Gone Code Blue.

They approached a mammoth task in the aftermath, with a much smaller group of staff, slowly being down sized since 2001. It's no surprise they couldn't handle the wide load using over all sound business judgment, good management techniques and common sense practices.

Instead they did what FEMA did, with their little rag tag teams they (((rushed))) to hire and train an assembly line of temporary staff that became part of the bureaucratic bottle neck of stops, starts and constant rotations.

They had to re-invent the broken wheel to create an illusion out of necessity. Causing wasted time and money for a department that wasn't itself since the new administration took over. When the SBA was in full swing in the 90's, up to the year 2000, they were effective and they were efficient.
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