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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And the Real Reason FEMA is Leaving New Orleans?

They say they are leaving because there is nothing more they can do in their role to assist the only US city to be devastated in modern times.

An 80 % decimation, still reeling from the hurricane force winds, deathly storm surges and the collapse of the levees, evacuees and death.

The new hurricane season is fast approaching, within weeks. FEMA is heading out before the season. The need to be constant in monitoring and evaluating outcomes would be a FEMA type responsibility for future disasters down the road. Follow through - follow through, would be a good move.

This could mean that FEMA is fading out and something else will take its place? Just look at the new head of the Small Business Administration, a corporate handler minding the store for prospective small businesses.

Erase FEMA as if it never existed? We'll probably see a lot of new off spring breaking loose from the herd of marauding big pink elephants, soon.

Link to The Washington Post for the FEMA story...
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