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Thursday, April 27, 2006

FEMA Says One Thing ~ Does Another...All In A Day's Work

I had a hunch that FEMA was going to back paddle on the provisional services that they had obligated to the devastated people of the Gulf Coast. See FEMAs Full Throttle Attack on Evacuee's.
Whether they are 'directly' part of the long practicing tricks to do a little or a whole lot of creative bookkeeping, it really doesn't matter anymore. Our system - the whole thing - is broken.

Some of us know that the voucher letters stated - 1 year rental assistance. Now, they (FEMA) wants to add an addendum 8 months later? So, what will the people do now?

There sure are a lot of fires to put out...All over the place. Constant crisis, constant chaos, constant hurdles. Constant twists and turns to all things government related. I like mystery and intrigue in my books, not woven into my governemntal system.

It's time that the Democratic Party, The Independents, the Greens and the Reformists...Band together. If only these four groups could get past some of their personal biases, they may be able to build a "force," driven by the average common folk. And I know there are average Republicans out there, too.

Then every average American citizen may have a chance to find peace of mind once again. A chance to find balance. A chance to repair the damage. And the chance to reclaim democracy.

The New York Times story about the people we need to watch over, help them back and make them whole...
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