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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tombstone Style Showdown for Mayor of New Orleans


Mayor Nagin and Lt Gov. Landrieu left standing after this country's most watched mayoral race, in history.

Mayor Nagin has his hurdles to overcome, but so does Lt. Gov. Landrieu. People remember his fathers term in New Orleans and it isn't all roses. Those hurdles will be just as difficult. He will have to ease the minds of generational voters, who are adamant about not having another Landrieu for mayor.

Both men have their work cut out for them, and it shouldn't be any other way. They both must show the citizen voters that their ideas and their plans contain elements that will benefit everyone in this historic city.

Mayor Nagins proven mantra is "Be honest or leave." Lt. Gov. Landrieu needs to have a mantra that matches his worthiness to be Mayor of New Orleans, to be a public servant of and for the people.

Link to The Washington Post for the election finale'...

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The I-10 project, in late 1960's, was the last urban development straw that broke the back of this historic, vital and once prosperous neighborhood of New Orleans.

Claiborne Avenue was once home to one of the most prosperous African American business district in the nation.

So much has happened to this historic neighborhood in the past. Today community organizations are investing a labor of love for Treme, in hopes to revive the area.
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