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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Senator Hillary Clinton ~ Greatest Leader For These Grim Times! ~

When I listen to Senator Clinton I "ALWAYS" understand her meaning, her reasoning and her position! She "ALWAYS" takes the reins in a way that makes me know she is the one with the steady hand and a clear mind. The President I desire to have is the President who can make a way for the rest of us.

Clinton Calls for Immediate Action to Halt Market Crisis

Hillary's Plan to Get Us Out of This Economic Meltdown by Alegre at Alegre's Corner September 18, 2008 "So folks, listen to what she's got to say. She's speaking about what needs to be done NOW to address the economic meltdown taking place up on Wall Street this week. She talks in detail for over 20 minutes and dammit it just breaks my heart that someone this capable and brilliant isn't headed to the White House this fall. But maybe this wise and mighty Senator from the Empire State can talk some sense into her collegues and the regulators out there. Check it out..."

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