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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Irregular Times On The Last Presidential Debate...


The Power of "In Other Words" by Peregrin Wood from Irregular Times

McCain then said that Americans must "not spread the wealth around."

#1 Comment by tom — "Finally, a true statement by McCain!"


#2 Juan Cole over @ informed visits Irregular Times to comment too...

The Great Reagan Pyramid Scheme Comes Crashing Down


"Presidential debates were run by the civic-minded and non-partisan League of Women Voters until 1988, when the national Republican and Democratic parties seized control of the debates by establishing the bi-partisan, corporate-sponsored Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD)." (caught a spokesperson on CSPAN yesterday morning.)

I will add my opinion after I watch the whole debate, AGAIN! I got side tracked by Obama's smirks...which he did when he debated Hillary. uggghhh! Because of that, I went into my Writing In "Hillary for President" mode. I was glad that Obama brought up the very disturbing behavior coming from the McCain / Palin rallies. McCain seemed almost too animated at times, so that was off putting and weird. I couldn't be completely objective because my feeling kept getting in the way...biting my lip, clasping my hands, shaking my head, leaving the room. My poor husband, who by the way has been making short statements (that’s a lot for him) about McCain being racist, every time he hears him on the radio. My husband, who is of Irish decent and 62 years of age, is making these statements. I will have to watch the debate again. This time maybe more objectively, without those pesky anxiety ridden emotions that keep wanting to bubble up to the surface. I heard on the radio that blue collar men and non-college educated women are the only hold outs left. These pundits are off the mark as always. Former Governor Ventura is one of my favorite examples here in MN, that prove pundits and polls are only useful for sheer entertainment value.

Denver: Undecideds (3/4 of which were Republican or Independent) Laughed at McCain's Debating Antics by .Common Sense

"there weren't enough for Greenberg to separate them into a post-debate focus group."

Joe the Plumber... Bummer from What Happened to My Country?

"So, how did the myth that is Joe the Plumber come about?"

Bush issues two more presidential signing statements. By Satyam Khanna at THINK PROGRESS

"Bush has issued signing statements to bypass more than 1,100 sections of laws."

"....White House again is willing to subvert good-government accountability in order to buttress self-serving claims of unfettered authority."

COMMENT #2 unbelievable Says: Can someone please take his crayons away from him for the next 3 months? October 15th, 2008
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