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Saturday, October 18, 2008

POOH-Litics To Go Crazy By....

Video: Crazy by Seal

Irritable Powell Syndrome David Weigel at Reason Hit and Run October 19, 2008

Documentary Banned By the Bush Admin to be shown on PBS watch! from — "...documentary on the use of torture by the U.S. government in order to protect its funding."

MORE POOH-LITIC COMMENTARY:One of my not so fun but very important chores is Doggy Pooh Day. As I canvass the backyard for doggy doo doo by two, I scoop up the poop and deposit it into an old plastic flower pot before bagging it for the garbage. As weird as it might sound to a person not owned by a pet, casually assessing the pooh is one of the best ways to monitor the health of any pet. Dogs don’t always show symptoms of illness through their behavior initially. If you notice a change in your furry friends pooh when their diet has remained the same, it might be a flag for something else. Our furry babies happen to love their vegetable medley after they eat their crunchies, so they do tend to poop a lot! They also like to try and eat other things not meant for consumption. Of course cleaning up puppy pooh is a gross and disgusting job, but somebody has got to do it! That got me to thinking about how I was the one in the family with the chore that equals to the other chore that I dislike - cleaning the toilet. If I don’t do it than who will? If I don’t clean up the mess it will cause unsanitary conditions that don't just affect my puppies and my family, but it affects me. Rather than have the puppies pay that price, the space must be cleaned for them to roam comfortably through out the yard. It must be cleaned up for the benefit of everyone. The dogs can’t do it. Someone has got to clean up the mess. Its so simple. So why do others run away from messy chore’s and leave it up to another to clean it up? Why do some expect others to do chores they can’t perform? This Puppy Pooh Day chore analysis of mine reminds me of the national mess we face today, it reminds me of one big stinky Puppy Pooh Day, every day the sun comes up. The multiple mess makers keep piling on more, made by the bush administration, by the 109th and 110th congress, by all of the US Corporations, including Wall Street. All of the original mess makers and all of the piles of mess made since then, there is no other way to define our mess except to equate it to Pooh. The new 111th Congress is going to have Doggy Pooh Day all day long, for a long time. They won’t be able to freely walk in to start new business because they are going to be hounded by all of the old piles of mess that the 109th and 110th made. All of those piles of mess! The condition of our entire country’s infrastructure, the condition of an entire network of systems and the condition created in other countries because of us; its just too big and too overwhelming to assign some sophisticated polite metaphor to please the prim and proper. The likelihood I'm going to feel any sense of relief at how things might turn out for all American people is hard pressed to do right now. Which ever person that gets in as president, their going to have one big pile of mess to contend with. We need someone with brains, tact, experience and common sense. A philosophy of "the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few" is who we need badly as our next president. The only person I saw as that person was Senator Hillary Clinton. She is without a doubt the one I believed could clean up the mess without making more. Without her on the ticket, all I can imagine is miles and miles of Puppy Pooh Days to come, lots of stressful Pooh-Litics to drop on our shoulders, without a scoop of mercy. I tripped over someone the other day that told me she was going to "Write In Hillary" too! That really made my day brighter! But then my reality of 'man bites dog' set in later that evening when I tried to watch the most recent presidential debate, again. A feeling that the American people have been dumped into miles and miles of piles of pooh, enveloped me. A feeling that we've been duped big time, keeps getting in the way of creative thought. That’s all I could think of. So depressing! I know I wouldn't be thinking this way if Hillary were printed on the ballot as the President or Vice President. Without her on the ballot all I have is my plan to write her in. I’m really stubborn about this still. Will 2009 be a Pooh Day year? Now, I sort of feel like I'm part of an unseen "Underground" group of voter's who feel compelled to write in Hillary. It was exciting to know that so many people are going to write in Hillary no matter what and I will still proudly write her in too. I will feel like pooh when I go to the polls because I’m not excited about the election anymore. I will feel like pooh because I dread having my ballot spit out again and I’m going to feel like pooh because right now I don’t feel any sort of hope for our immediate future. I love to laugh and have fun, but I don’t feel the same anymore. It would be awful if our country turned into a grey cold shell of its former self. Do I exist to laugh or do I laugh to exist. I love making people laugh. If I couldn’t laugh again, how could I get others to laugh with me or even at me? I ponder this thought frequently as of late. I ponder this because people I know have lost 5 digits (tens of thousands of dollars) of their retirement fund because of the financial fiasco at the hands of our very own movers and shakers among the financial sector. I ponder the lost American Dream because people are being charged more for everything, including bumped up property taxes on thirty year mortgages and ARM‘s getting ready to set again. People are mandated to pay higher car insurance now, they are being denied available jobs and people can’t get a place to live; all because their credit history was destroyed by lay offs, health issues, helping family members and friends in times of similar crisis. Not to mention a host of other reasons. I ponder the appropriateness of being happy because we are still occupying a sovereign country and our leaders don‘t seem to want to stop there. What makes this election year feel like one big pile of doggy pooh, is that I don't have my candidate on any official presidential ballot. The person I believed was the best for us in our time of national crisis. She gave me hope by being the type of person she is. I don't like that other party candidates were shut out from all of the presidential debates and I don't find any comfort in a two party system. You might be wondering then "why would I want Hillary for President when she comes from one of those bully parties?" It was because of that big bully party that my respect for Senator Hillary Clinton actually hit a new level I didn't think was possible. She did stand up to the status quo and the good old boy network by staying in the race as long as she could. She believed, so I believed. That took nerves of something much stronger than steel. What’s the nose cone of the space shuttle made of? No one can compare to her national and global leadership style of embracing a true sense of what it is to be anyone in America. And ‘anyone’ is me. The entire 110th Congress has been steadfast at ignoring the average citizen as a whole. Several years later and a few like Hillary, they kept fighting for the people, they were overshadowed by the ones that appear to be in congress for a whole other reason. Certainly some left their stump speeches behind once they got elected. I will look forward to not hearing Speaker Pelosi talk about "What the People Need" after Cindy Sheehan victoriously pooper scoops her out of congress. Cindy is a real voice for the people in her district. They are lucky. So far I haven’t been impressed with the local Minnesota races. Pooh-Litic Dog Day afternoons where the 6th CD is concerned. I suppose having Michele Bachmann voted out would be satisfying. But then again, I’m still suspect as to how she was able to win in 2006 in the first place. I won’t hold my breath for her departure. I won’t vote for any of the democratic or republican candidates. I’ve seen and heard enough of them and they don’t impress me at all. They all sound the same. Which is disturbing. Some candidates may be hidden by the democratic and republican shadow machines, so I might still spot someone of interest yet. The past eight years has got to be one of the nastiest, even worse than Reganomics. My family budget barely survived that one. This past eight has been a cesspool of toxic government, toxic military and toxic corporations, which has got to be the largest proverbial poisoned watering hole invented by those who were supposed to be smarter, more cultured and economically savvier. They may look 'Pretty dumb,' unfortunately it seems to be something far worse. The new administration will have lots of piles of pooh to clean up, if they are the responsible type. If not, we will just have more piles of mess everywhere. Making it Pooh Day all day long. If we get someone who gives a pooh, won't it be nice to roam freely without fear of stepping in it every few feet? I'll do my duty with polite courtesy. I‘ll be saddened not to see Senator Hillary Clintons name on the ballot, this I know. I’ll make an effort to print her name clearly on my paper ballot. I’ll try hard not to spill my tears on her neatly printed name, lest I ruin my paper ballot. I’ll make my third party choices with thoughtful reserve. One thing is for certain, I’ll never forget this moment in my life, in our history. Will our country take the road less traveled or will it take the road littered with piles of pooh? A Happy Pooh Day to all and to all a goodnight!

Make Your First Choice a THIRD PARTY
Ralph Nader, Independent

Chuck Baldwin, of the Constitution Party (endosed by Ron Paul)

Cynthia McKinney, Green Party (well known favorite of the Israeli/AIPAC contingent)

Bob Barr, Libertarian

Roger Calero, Socialist Workers party

Gloria La Riva, Socialist

Jeffrey Boss, Independent

Brian Moore, another Socialist

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