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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WRITE IN HILLARY 1,101 signatures!

Hillary Hatred Lives On BY TAYLOR MARSH

Comment from Psychodrew08 10.20.2008: These anti-Clinton nutcases are in for a big surprise when Obama takes office in January.

Comment from Taylor Marsh 10.21.2008: "...I hope you break your quota. We're on the same team, at last."

TPM aka Talking Points Memo is Still Smearing Hillary By Big Tent Democrat at TALK LEFT, Monday Oct 20, 2008

Voting suppression report: Colorado and Ohio from Later On 10.21.08

Director and Executive Producer of the award-winning election integrity documentary, Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections tried to vote, BUT Obama Vote Won't Register, Then Flips to Other Candidate, as Similarly Reported Recently in WV... by Brad Friedman from The Brad Blog 10/21/2008

CSPAN Washington Journal Tuesday 10/21/2008 morning: Election Procedures from Common Cause spokeswoman Susannah Goodman was not a helpful spokes person for Common Cause. If an organization such as Common Cause is going to really educate the viewers, they need to draw from their staff who possess a stronger speaking style. Susannah Goodman may be a valuable asset to Common, but she really needs to stay with areas where she excels. I was driving in the car when I listened to her and got the feeling that she doesn't think there will be magnified irregular or extreme election / voter problems compared to 2000 or 2004. She said so. A few of her answers were short and curt. I was left with an impression of someone who didn't seem to enjoy educating her audience. I admit I'm still thirsting for more knowledge about voting irregularities and suppression tactics. I probably wouldn't be as interested if I had not had my cardboard ballot ejected / rejected for the first time in 2006. For the first time after moving to my current precinct in the 6th CD in 1999. Prior to this I never had a problem with voting, ever. My daughter was a few miles away at her polling place in 2006 where she cast her vote about an hour apart from my mine, she also had a problem with her ballot. But both my husband and son In law were fine. 2006 was my daughters second time voting. It planted a seed of doubt right then and there and I haven't been able to shake it off. Especially after Michele Bachmann won by a hair. Even a friend who was an Election Judge, in a different precinct, said she hadn't heard of that happening before. I am VERY interested in what I should do if I or another should encounter problems again. The reason I was disappointed with Goodman's interview, I didn't seem to get the up to date information I believe I needed to add to the information I already have. The Brad Blog has been one of my main sources of accurate voting and election news. Thank Goddess for Brad Blog!

GREAT POST... "On the Web, Thinkers Thrive: A Guide to Political Life Online" Welcome to the Jungle was put together in a way that provides balance of popular political blogs - Both sides. October 13, 2008

Censure Michele Bachmann by Peter Rothberg at The Nation 10/18/2008


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