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Sunday, May 04, 2008


Obama-Clinton, a ****-filled dream ticket Andrew Sullivan From The Sunday Times May 4, 2008

I'm Still Hoping For Clinton And Obama February 05, 2007

~ Spit & Fire ~ A Great American Conversation About Democracy February 10, 2008

Making History 2008 February 20, 2008

I am So Proud of Hillary and Barack!!!! February 21, 2008

WHY REPUBLICAN's Will LOSE in November 2008 April 12, 2008

Attention All United States Senators of the New 110th Congress -- Make Health Care Coverage Accessible For My Disabled Sister & Others FIRST!!! December 28, 2006

When The White House Was The Symbol of A Democratic Republic January 31, 2007

Democratic Debate More Like Mini Doughnuts at the County Fair April 28, 2007

Walk a Day in My Shoes May 06, 2007

Fourteen Voice's Of Reason Out of the Entire Senate.... May 28, 2007

Racism IS the Answer ~ "Explain the Inequity" was the Question June 30, 2007

Senator Hillary Clinton Honored To Attend The The State Of The Black Union with Tavis Smiley February 23, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama ~ A Racial Reflection From The Heart March 19, 2008
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