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Saturday, May 03, 2008

We Don't Discuss Such Things

Oath Betrayed ~ St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church Minnesota
Torture expert banned from speaking at Catholic church -- because he's pro-choice by Paul Schmelzer Minnesota Monitor Friday May 02, 2008

This Sunday, Dr. Steven Miles was scheduled to speak at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church

...not because of the content of his talk -- torture -- but because he's pro-choice.

U of M Professor Uninvited From Church Event WCCO, MN - May 3, 2008
Dr. Steven Miles is medical ethicist who was supposed to speak about torture at a adult education class before this Sunday's sermon at the St. Joan of Arc ...

Gloria Steinem and Cindy Sheehan have been invited to speak. So whats the harm in having Dr. Miles speak?

Dr. Steve Miles DFL Party candidate for U.S. Senator Minnesota Public Radio Monday, May 5, 2008

From MNBLUE Signing Up for the Peace Calendar AND Voices of Peace Rally St. Joan of Arc...

An Interview with Steven Miles: The torture-endangered Society From ThiemeWorks and Published by the National Catholic Reporter January 13, 2006

Catholics and Torture Why Many Catholics Are Confused About Torture The Wild Reed Thursday, May 08, 2008
By Coleen Rowley - The Huffington Post May 5, 2008
"So all church-goers, (but especially those Catholics who pride themselves as “pro-life”) would do well to listen to Dr. Miles talk."

An Evangelical Manifesto’ criticizes politics of faith By: Nicole Belle Crooks and Liars Sunday, May 4th, 2008 "All too often we have attacked the evils and injustices of others,” the statement says, “while we have condoned our own sins.” It argues, “we must reform our own behavior."

Fanatics have taken over the Catholic Church - people like Virginia Foxx. And sites Michele Bachmann as a valuable political contributor to the cause. That should tell you a lot about what they're really about.

Pure Propaganda for the extreme Right and Left.

from GOOGLE - As a Catholic, I am convinced that women’s leadership has to be life-affirming... Virginia Foxx, R-N.C. These women take the floor of Congress and directly...

They include Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R.-N.C., Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., Rep. Jeanne Schmidt, R-Ohio, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Rep. Michelle Bachman, R-Minn., and Rep. Virginia Fox, R-N.C.
The harm, in the minds of the church, is an open intellegent discussion about a serious subject that is of concern and felt around the world 'Torture.' What is it, how many methods are there, why is it really used and how do we stop its continued use?!?

The one thing that I can say without a doubt... (whisper) "We don't talk about such things..."

I still chuckle at the millionth "we don't talk about such things" from an Aunt, an Uncle, a Grandmother, a Cousin, a Monsenior, a Mother Superior...

Thankfully my Mother did discuss such things. All and any such things were open for discussion. But then again she was not the typical good catholic school girl either. She was so far ahead of her time, a being of worldly humanitarian character. She could see through anothers eyes. She could feel anothers pain. She taught me to listen with my heart and she showed me what mercy looked like. My hero, my Mom!


Judge: Exquixotic Corps can be sued over Katrina flooding Samedi New Orleans News Ladder Saturday, May 3, 2008 "The Corps of Engineers had argued that it was immune from liability because..."

Bush's Incompetence on Film Posted by Erik Loomis Alterdestiny Friday, May 02, 2008 " sure is awfully close and I pray the worst in my lifetime. Because I don't want to live through something worse."

As Think Progress has noted, McCain has never specifically commented on Hagee’s offensive beliefs about Hurricane Katrina or his anti-gay comments. By Matt THINK PROGRESS on Apr 23rd, 2008


Cartoon Video of Mohammed Blasts John McCain and John Hagee Video by jclifford at Irregular Times 3/25/2008 "As everyone has heard by now, John Hagee calls the Catholic Church the ...but it’s nothing in comparison to Hagee’s other extremist declarations. What has John Hagee said that’s so outrageous? I’ll just cover a few of the highlights.


Bill Moyers Journal: On Rev. Wright ~ “Beware the Terrible Simplifiers” By Nicole Belle Crooks and Liars Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 "All the rest of us should hang our heads in shame for letting it come to this in America, where the gluttony of the non-stop media grinder consumes us all and prevents an honest conversation on race."

Catholic Priest and Pastor Supporting Rev. Jeremiah Wright vs. Typical Fox Reporter April 18, 2008

I Think Wright Is Right Posted by Truth & Justice at Monday, April 28, 2008
"Our press has become a sea of triviality, meanness and irrelevant chatter."

"Let's hope Mr. Wright takes on the press in his next sermon...they are long overdue to be called on the carpet for their outrageous characterization."

The subject has to do with a crime. The crime is torture, among many other crimes committed. by awakening

The Bush Torture Confession is real news!

Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. cancels appearances By Manya Brachear Originally posted March 25, 2008
"Unfortunately, many have not heard segments from his sermons such as the one in which he says, 'I am glad I follow a God who taught me to love my enemies,' the statement said."


National Press Club hosts Rev. Jeremiah Wright from C-SPAN Must use Real Player

I.F. Stone

I.F. Stone's Weekly Was a Journalistic Triumph of the 20th Century

Featured Audio and Video Content:

The Importance Of Being Izzy And The Death Of Dissent In Journalism From All Governments Lie by Myra MacPherson

"A miracle would be the day that the media did not show up for hollow photo ops such as the "Mission Accomplished'' and ''Plan for Victory'' obscenities."

"Only after President Bush ignored the tragedy of a Hurricane-wracked New Orleans, only after U.S. troop deaths in Iraq reached 2,000, only after the cost of war reached into the billions did mainstream media begin assertively challenging what had been a highly scripted five-year media propaganda blitz."

"And there is no way to have peace without some modicum of justice."

PHOTO: As a younger journalist, Izzy enjoys a scoop on the phone as he punches the typewriter with his right hand.

"No discussion of a free press is without a heated look at "objectivity'' -- a deceptively simple concept."

“You've really got to wear a chastity belt in Washington to preserve your journalistic virginity..."

"Had Stone done anything wrong, US authorities would have found and disseminated it, since Hoover hated Stone."


I watched Reverend Wright when he was on the National Press Club. What an amazing speaker he is! What an absolutely honest orator he is! I loved watching and listening to him. I can't recall anyone with the 'gift' to get my attention, in the way he did. Not anyone from a pulpit anyway.

Going to church is part of my past life. But Reverend Wright had me on the edge of my seat and I would even consider going to one of his church services if the opportunity presented itself.

I see his oral history lesson from his own his eyes, from his own life. I love learning from others, as to what they have seen and experienced. We all have our own story and Reverend Wright is one of very few that actually speaks to what the African American citizen has lived in and lived through, in a way that I've not experienced before. Not at the level of heightened sense that crept up on me while listening to the Reverend.

And yes, the suspicion about AIDS and drugs being injected into the Black community is still believed among many and not just by African American citizens. People were talking about it while sitting on their porch on a warm summer evening on a Sunday, sitting around the kitchen table playing cards on a Friday night or getting together for a kegger at a park on a Saturday; in the late 1970's and early 1980's people were talking about it and the debate wasn't about whether it was true or not, the debate seemed to be always centered around the 'Why' it was being done?

It’s not that different then the talk about September 11th. No difference at all.

When politicians start shaming and denying what regular people are talking about, that is when the conversation goes back underground. Why so forceful with their shame and denying? And why do they believe that their shame and denying carries any merit with regular people.

President Clinton came to speak to an audience in Minneapolis last year and it so happened that there were a few audience members who were trying to get his attention with their September 11th beliefs. But instead of opening the conversation or just ignoring it, he shamed the people in the audience.

A perfect example of an isolated bubbled politician against a socially geared people discussion. It doesn't matter whether I believe or not, but the fact that someone does is important enough to have a discussion about it. I think President Clinton is a reflection of an intolerant group of politicians that try and force an agenda, without interest in everything people are chatting about.

Can't put the blame on age, cuz there are enough intolerant politicians with varied age's that have one agenda...their own. But I still love President Bill Clinton, just think he has to separate him self from Hillary a little more often. This time belongs to her, not him.

There is a lot people don't know about one another today, because they choose not to trust or talk to their neighbor. Childhood friends grown up with, don't just live down the road anymore. Family members are scattered all over the nation more often it seems, trying to follow where the jobs may be. Some disconnect from neighbors is related to the amount of time available between work hours and sadly for other reasons, too.

Reverend Wright included everyone in his words and how we treat everyone is what it’s really all about. His time to reach out and re-teach is just beginning, if we are willing to trust what we hear when he speaks.

His life experience is a testament to what it means to have survived past turmoil and how we can possibly avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Reverend Wright spoke about many subjects during the time I watched and I believe brushed passed a really important point having to do with 'Separation of Church and State.' He stated that his place was not along side Senator Obama when he was about to publicly announce his candidacy to run for the presidency.

That stuck with me. I believe in separation of church and state without one once of reservation and it would be important that Reverend Wright have a separate voice in the emerging new presidency and the national changes to come. Adding one more powerful voice to the mix of diverse beliefs and individual thought, can only bring out the better in all of us when its about humanity before self.

Denomination Wrestles With Pastor’s Statements By Neela Banerjee New York Times Published: May 3, 2008
"Ministers said they heard in Mr. Wright’s language “the same kind of passion and hyperbole as the Hebrew prophets,” said the Rev. Richard Wagoner of Union Congregational Church, a United Church of Christ church in St. Louis Park, Minn."


“When you have diversity, you’re going to have conflict — that is the price of diversity,” said the Rev. Joseph C. Hough Jr., president of Union Theological Seminary in New York. “The challenge is to recognize conflict and open windows of reconciliation.”


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