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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


News Analysis Myriad Crises on the Nation’s Doorstep, but Inertia in Official Washington By CARL HULSE New York Times April 30, 2008
"Big-rig truckers who converged on the Capitol on Monday to warn of the potential danger to the economy and the supply chain..."

Bush says pain from economy defies easy fix By Sheryl Gay Stolberg and David M. Herszenhorn International Herald Tribune, France Published: April 30, 2008

"...the president and Congress have not agreed on addressing the economic troubles, and by Tuesday they mostly blamed each other."

GOOD IDEA..."stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve temporarily"

GOOD IDEA..."work to limit speculative trading in oil futures."

BAD IDEA..."opening the Arctic refuge"

Whats New?..."he did not address a proposal being drafted by House Democrats to expand the availability of federally insured mortgages."

The Myths and Harsh Effects of Bush's Economic Class War By Larry Beinhart, AlterNet April 28, 2008

"stimulus package."

"no one is saying it's nonsense or pointing out the obvious -- that's the horse that brought us here. Here's the reality..."

Bush faults Congress for inaction on economic woes Reuters Tuesday April 29, 2008

Thom Hartmann said that Trent Lott and the Republican congress threatened to take the Democtratic congress to the wood shed (my words) over and over and over. They -- Republican congress -- would obstruct and accuse, obstruct and accuse and obstruct and accuse again (my words again). Till one day people would begin believing that it was all the Democratic congress's fault for every mess we're in.

The Republican NeoCon congress is a joke...they really don't get it do they? They seem to thrill at making things up. Are they really bad actors playing bad people playing bad actors playing really bad politicians?

The Democratic Extremist's...well they like to cut off their nose in spite of their face...which they just did again, but they're using other people's noses now. Namely yours and mine for example.

The president, well lets just say that if Ed Schultz thinks he's funny, then we have sunk deeper down in the hole of political muckety muck then I realized. Oh tu?!?

Today my mood will be "YIKES!"

Dear Congress, Hope You Have A Nice Summer Vacation... Sunday, April 20, 2008 "Are you waiting till we have a new President? You think thats the answer?"


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