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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Senator Hillary Clinton Honored To Attend The The State Of The Black Union with Tavis Smiley

STATE OF THE BLACK UNION 2008: "Some of the most influential thinkers, entertainers, and political leaders of our time gather each year to discuss the State of the Black Union during Black History Month."

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The Essence of New Orleans

Thinking About New Orleans: An NBCC Reading by and for New Orleans Writers
She was outstanding on the stage, connecting with the audience and receiving nods and standing ovations. Some sat with hands in their lap. Some sat stone faced. Some couldn’t help but nod in reserved agreement. Some concurred so strongly that they stood to applaud.

Today Hillary Clinton was the only candidate to accept the invitation to the State of the Black Union, hosted by Tavis Smiley on CSPAN during Black History month.

The entire panel included a most impressive line up of guests and ONE Presidential Candidate - Senator Hillary Clinton. I had the chance to learn about others I knew little about and a chance to enjoy commentary by a familiar fountain of voices. This is the third year I've tuned in. I am never disappointed in the volume of diverse information, ideas and beliefs that I learn from, that I agree with, that I disagree with, that I laugh about, and the ones that yank on my heart strings.

Tavis Smiley, one of the greatest hosts, is a burst of energetic savvy...the man is just plain savvy. He hears between the lines, listens for what isn't being said and then gently turns a vague reference into expanded clarity. Sheer Genius!

Mayor Ray Nagin was the voice of Endurance this morning. He is still standing and still keeping it real. I love his truth telling! I still cry for New Orleans and will probably always feel the sense of urgency and angst, that they live with everyday. Listening to the Mayor describe the goings on, only makes me even more determined to vote to take back the White House.

You’ll want to watch the Mayor of New Orleans for yourself. There are many of us, including Senator Clinton that knows New Orleans deserves justice. That they deserved it yesterday...over two and half years ago. Senator Clinton has them on her radar; she has never stopped fighting for them.

It wasn't until the very end of the SOTBU that Hillary came to talk with the audience. What an amazing woman she is! She answered the question put to her about her husband’s comments during the South Carolina caucus and she stated why the (D) presidential nominee will need the complete support from all Democratic Party members as well as voters. It is that important! I learned more about the Super Delegates and I get it now.

I think her character shined when she explained that Senator Kennedy's (a super delegate) endorsement of Obama was his individual right even though the popular vote went to Hillary...she explained why it had to be that way. O.K. makes sense now. Making the trip especially for this occasion, says a lot about who she is. This is a person who truly loves her country, truly loves to interact with all people and absolutely loves what the democratic process stands for.

There is just no other way to grasp her. Very few, especially Politicians... (I have Michele Bachmann who is perpetually MIA in our district) would have the courage to show up at an event where they could potentially be booed. I didn't expect anyone to do that at the SOTBU, but I think emotions are running much deeper this year with the average citizen and you just never know.

This crowd was way too classy for that kind of behavior though. I believe that people were watching her body language when she spoke, like I was. Wanting to know that she was at ease in front of this audience was probably more important than any other group. At least it was for me. Hillary has a way of connecting with people when she presents straight talk. No candy coating and no lofty generalities. We, who have been watching her since the 1990's don't expect her to be like anyone else, talk like anyone else and we darn well know she is a lot smarter than most.

It takes great talent to be able to use words in a way that a wide swath of people can interpret correctly. Correctly is the key. I don't believe that I've ever come away from a Hillary speech wondering -- What the heck did she just say? -- Ever.

I really would've liked to have seen the other presidential candidates there. Senator Barack Obama offered to send his wife, but that really would not have been appropriate for this occasion, in my opinion.

The (R) candidates would have been interesting to listen to and watch. There was one (R) on the panel and he was Michael Steele Chairman of GOPAC, born in 1958 at Andrews Air Force Base in Prince George's County and was raised in Washington, DC.
I thought he added a good perspective to the panel.

I agree with 99% of Senator Clintons positions. Still in great opposition to a few. Since I am hopeful that I will get my citizen voice back some time after the election, I'll just have to write regular letter's about those few things. I agree with her on this year’s election statement. It is too important not to unite. The White House needs to be taken back by a Democratic President who is ready to hit the ground running. The Congress will have to be emptied of all bush dog republicans and bush dog democrats. That 60 vote thingy will actually work the way it suppose to. Troops Home Now!

Finally, the Ohio mailing that Barack Obama's camp is doing...below the belt NEOCON tactics? Barack must have some rabid republicans in his midst. Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with the policy making of NAFTA. She was the wife of the then President. The then President and the Congress were responsible, not Hillary Clinton. Sorry. But this is lowest of the low.

CSPAN will re-air the State of the Black Union next Friday. Please watch.

STATE OF THE BLACK UNION 2008: "Presented annually in February by Tavis Smiley Presents, the symposium was created to educate, enlighten and empower America by bringing people together and engaging them in thoughtful dialogue, leading the way to constructive action."

Reclaiming Our Democracy, Deciding Our Future

New Orleans, LA
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
Conference Auditorium
Saturday, February 23, 2008
8:00 am (CDT) 1:30 pm (CDT)

Clinton comes to New Orleans, where blacks may lose their majority NOLA By JOHN MORENO GONZALES The Associated Press 2/22/2008

"Clinton Leaves Primary States For "State of the Black Union" Posted by Fernando Suarez CBS News February 23, 2008 Go to Comments and Post Your Own

"So why is Clinton taking time out of her limited campaign schedule to participate?"

“She’s got a commitment to these issues, and is looking forward to the opportunity to discuss them.”
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