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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Will of Fortune - Inherent Contempt OR Impeachment?


Can the RNC tough it out long enough to move their agenda to Impeachment? Inherent Contempt would make them spill the beans of all of their secrets, one by one. What kind of deal will they make with Congress?

Most noticeably curious right now, is that the people called to testify are a certain type of woman. These women seem to be quietly reserved, soft spoken and nice. Does anyone else find the gatekeeping ring around the administration to all be this type of women? Maybe it is the first layer of a well built modern day mote of 'Modus operandi.'

Would a Congressperson beat up on that pretty innocent looking little thing, as helpless as a Blue Jay? Bad old Congressman / woman....they would say. By the way, Blue Jay's are the bullies of the bird world, if you didn't know this.

In most societies women still command a certain amount of chivalry. But that is about as far as that goes. Women in government still rarely hold powerful positions of leadership. I find it actually curious that this administration has surrounded itself with seemingly nice, pleasant, pretty women, yes they're all pretty. Aren't there any natural handsome looking women around there?

Appearances may be deceiving and I may be way off base on this theory, but why has this administration strategically placed these women in positions that they may not be qualified for?

I can say this because I am a women and most importantly, I'm paying all of their salaries...I am a tax payer after all. Is there a more sinister reason then just using the EEOC in this way? There is something about this recent parade of "I can't recall" and refusals to testify, plus a slew of other examples, that will continue to draw my interest. If a man were to say this, well he would be called a chauvinist. If a women says this, she might be seen as attacking one of her own.

Of course there have been plenty of men put in positions they aren't qualified for either; but it is the way in which this particular type of professional woman has chosen to disrespect Congress, that has peaked my curiosity. Is it some kind of religious thing, is it fear or is it plain old subserviency? Very disturbing to say the least.

Can the RNC Be Subpoenaed Too? by awakening "They are using a democratic republic process for a group of people that have no regard, no respect and no fear of the Constitutional process."

NO QUARTER The Showdown Is Here By BooMan of

"We can talk all we want about where the public is, or how we’d do better to focus on other things, but that is utter, total, hogwash. Nothing can be done until Bush recognizes that Iraq is a total loss and begins to act rationally. "


"But they didn’t count on Inherent Contempt. They didn’t count on Congress standing up for themselves and using their own police and their own jail and their own court."

FDL Out of Control By Jane Hamsher on Sun July 15th, 2007 192 Responses to “Out of Control -- "Liberal Heart says I’m totally with you on this, Jane. But it didn’t hit me till I saw the Moyers show this week. Then the impact was like the proverhical Mac truck. I never supported impeachment till Friday night, and now it’s pretty much all I can think about. If not now, WHEN? Impeachment would educate those who haven’t been paying attention, and it would let this president and all future president know that there is, indeed a line over which they may not cross. We have to make the demand for impeachment to both sides of the aisle because this is an American issue, not a Democrat or Republican one."

From November 3, 2004 The Onion....National Museum Of The Middle Class Opens In Schaumburg, IL

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