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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This 4th Day of July 2007


"With different beliefs, different backgrounds and diverse lives; it underscores why our nation should always be a nation of United States, Not a Nation of united churches. Churches must only be, always be, a part of the social collage of our nation, never the governing influence of state or state law. I have always believed in... Separation of Church and State." by awakening

Bring home U.S. troops! The Olympian Published July 04, 2007

The slow Awakening of the Media is frustrating for the people ahead of the propaganda curve


Gee, how impressive: Mike Oakland finely brings the Olympian editorial wing into alignment with about a 1/3 of the Republican Party's leader ship.

What's next? Will the Olympian endorce inter racial marriage?

This editoral page and is too timid and slow for this community, and it defies reason that we have to tollerate an editorial page that led us to a false war supporting it for so damn long.
DL 07.04.07

If figures that the Olympian would choose the 4th of July to spout their garbage about being embarrassed to be an American and say this day feels more like a day of national shame. Today is not about the Iraq war. Today is about our country and It is obvious that the writer and the editors that approved this editorial have little regard for their country. I don't like Bush and I don't agree with the war. But I'm damn proud to be an American. I've had the opportunity to travel the world and go places most folks would never consider visiting. We have a great country. Sure we've got problems, but the United States is still the most properous country in the world and all of us should be thankful that we live here. On days like this the Olympian should show a little bit of patriotism instead of the constant doom and gloom.
Retired Oly 07.04.07

LOL. Great come back, Tom. Really...last mind.
Yoda 07.04.07

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