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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is Scooter Libby The Trick?


Ahmadinejad: What did he say? by soccerdad Wednesday June 27, 2007
"20k Jews in Iran including a member of Parliament. There's no evidence that they are being done away with."
Juan Cole has the story.....

Iran Has a Message. Are We Listening? By Michael Hirsh Washington Post Sunday, July 1, 2007 In late 2001, Iran provided invaluable assistance in stabilizing the post-Taliban government led by Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan, pledging $550 million worth of assistance (about the same amount promised by the United States) at a January 2002 donors' conference. A week later, Bush declared Iran part of the "axis of evil" during his second State of the Union address -- a stinging rebuff that Iranians still talk about bitterly.

"Mr. Bush's government is stuck at a crossroads" between confrontation and engagement, "and it can't make a decision," Rezai said. "We have a saying in Farsi: When a child walks in darkness, he starts singing or making loud noises because he's afraid of the dark. The Americans are afraid to negotiate with Iran, and that's why they're making a lot of loud noises." Whether or not that's true, new noises are clearly coming from Tehran. Washington should listen."

Iran and the rest of the world saw the United States as the clear and present danger, long before we ourselves did. We, nestled into our everyday lives of family and schedules. All except for the Blog world....the 'Sane' part of the Blog world.

The legion of nested NeoCONS that have followed the Pied Pipers of Pretend Prophesy aren't slinking back into the damp dark corners of their swampy abyss just because there is a Democratic Party majority. I think they are even more frenzied because there is a Democratic Majority. When we are plagued by political 2008 commercials, you watch, they -- the nest of GOP Fear and War Mongers -- will attempt to strike out at the Democratic Party like venomous cobra's.

Instead of getting upset at the way they will conduct the commercials, the words they will choose, watch their body language and listen between the lines. It is always about what is not being said that is the key. And sometimes it is even how the GOP Nest leaders say something that makes you scratch your head. I still haven't figured out if these are accidental or arrogance.

Those that are slow to the 'Awakening' to the truth about the dark side of our US leaders and their agenda overall, well they feel like I did when I entered the Awakening phase of my clueless slumber. They feel torn, guts twisting, saddened and confused. But don't worry newly 'Awakened' that feeling becomes your strength, it gives you the will to keep searching for the truth out of a mountain of piece meal propaganda so carefully laid out by most of the MSM.

The MSM (all aspects) has done a very poor job, years and years, keeping us up to date as well as educating the public in a truthful way on reporting every day current events. When I discovered the Blog world, I was amazed by the volume of information, truthful information. Some of the stuff was so far ahead of the news curve, I tended to set my 'Belief' meter on hold.

But when the stories began emerging into the mainstream, often times months ahead, I began realizing that the blog world had something that my local news rarely had....Real News. I do have to credit a few news media outlets for trying to do real journalism, but those instances did not arrive when the news actually happened....the lag time was proof that someone inside held the news until 'fit' to print. Left Coaster reminded me how important Blog's are, to little people like me.

Offshoring's Real Damage Left Coasters Steve Soto Wednesday June 27, 2007

Thanks Crooks and Liars for this one...I had to doctor it up a bit though......
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Posted By Brian
"Following up on this post, it did happen. Here's a screen grab from CNN International around midnight ET:"
CNN International Chyron: "Bush Resigns" Friday, May 11
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