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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dear Ed Schultz...Please Bring Back Ann


Cindy Sheehan Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I wrote The Ed Schultz Show yesterday. He had a lady call in on 7/9/2007 sometime between 11:30 and 12 noon. This visionary had an idea, a good idea, that could work in Congress. Her idea had nothing to do with having the vote of each Congress person to end the Iraq Occupation that is a War Time Crime. Her idea was about the Appropriation Committee in charge of the funds. This lady knew her stuff. She was brilliant. It is worth a try and I wish she could get on Ed's show again, to lay out the idea again, so other people can listen. I want to listen again too. I'm gonna have to resist paying for that show though.

Dear Ed Schultz Show:
If possible, please bring Ann back on the show. I cannot recall where she was calling from, but it doesn't matter. She was a wonderful breath of fresh air and had an idea that I think is worth revisiting...across the airwaves. Our Congress needs to be injected with ideas, good ideas, pratical ones, workable ones and ones that can actually bring the Iraq Occupation to a Head Out . With ideas that actually will prevent more deaths. Death of a soldier Daughter, Son, Mother or Father and yes, even a soldier Grandparent. Doing this will prevent the daily death of an Iraq baby, child, Mother, Father and Yes, even an Iraqi Grandparent.

And Ann had one that seems plausible and worth an initiative. The bubble that Congress lives in should be popped by the hands of those that have the best interest of the 'people' in mind. Ann made sense when she stated how Congress could move this traumatic time to a new hopeful place. We, you and I cannot continue to live like we have, with our Government dial turned to static on one side and on the other side set to elevator makes you want to walk around all day with your hands on ears.

Please bring Ann on as a guest speaker and have a real dialogue with her....please. Your cons to her pro's was a great conversation. I was lucky enough to have caught your show for a brief time when I ran to get lunch, and while I was eating, I found myself nodding my Ann's idea's! Lastly, your guest host last week expressed one of the best words to fit the GOP rhetoric going on...instead of using the word spew...he said they - GOP - keep vomiting (yuck) their talking points...something like that.

Best word fitting any GOP member when they absolutely and simply cannot tell the truth about anything. (R) Iowa Steve King is the latest example, on Chris Matthew's last night. He is part of the GOP nest that infests the Congress and is eating away at our Constitution. He and his NeoCon Nest mates, a Faux Republican, can only be contained with ideas like Ann had. Thank you for your time and consideration. Love your show and missed you last week.

An Independent
From Minnesota

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