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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blue Gal in a State of Grace.....


This 4th Day of July 2007

Academic Integrity Blog Against Theocracy Sound Science Wednesday, July 4 Blog Against Theocracy By Blue Gal

"But honey, there isn't a book here on Intelligent Design."

Open the door to a worthy discussion on religious / non-religious beliefs......the subject for "Blog Against Theocracy" was about the Separation of Church and State. But as one would expect, it got personal with a few posters feeling offended....

24 Comments to - Not to cast a negative light...we need to be less impressed with what those who are wrong or hateful are saying... and simply love more by Blue Gal

The offended hopefuly will author a post that expresses their feelings and Add the love that Blue Gal suggested.

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