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Friday, July 06, 2007

Moore on the Sick, Sicker, Sickest....The American Health Care System Is Broken...


Someone who was witness to Health Insurance Companies React to Sicko by Mary at The Left Coaster Saturday July 7, 2007

Sicko Spurs Audiences Into Action by donkey o.d. July 5, 2007

Local Health-care Activists Use Michael Moore's New Movie To Push Health Coverage Reform Meet Single Payers In Your Area! By Anastasia Pantsios Free Times June 27th, 2007

Sicko Spurs Audiences Into Action By Josh Tyler Cinema Blend July 1, 2007

Michael Moore denied entry into the NYSE

I won't be paying to see Sicko at the theater, but I can't wait till it hits the DVD!

One of these days I'll have to write in detail about my own experience with the HMO system and the doctors in that network. I have written about other people's horrendous, awful, disturbing experiences thus far....the Un-Insured, Under-Insured and the plain old UnEnsured.
My experience is still too close to the surface and too upsetting still to write about it anywhere other than the private journal I kept. It is one that I will pay medical bills for, for many years to come.
Let's just say, for a brief time that my employer switched Health Insurance, I actually found a doctor in the new plan, after 7 years of agony and after 7 years of wasting money out of the old HMO, that found my health problem, took it away and my life -- health changed completely around for the Much - Much - Much Better. It's as if that painful, torturing condition never existed!
It should have been a very routine thing, should have taken a very routine assessment and should have been a very routine approach for treatment. Instead I was made to wait 7 years to find out that my very routine health problem that slowly turned into a raging health nightmare could've been rectified in the first year of my 7 year sentence of HMO hell.
My employer changed back to that awful HMO recently and I had to make a conscious decision....choose to except a very, very bad health care company to Rule over my very routine HMO network doctor visits (meaning loss of the very doctor that helped me to not have to go to the doctors unless it was a normal yearly routine checkup) OR go without? What would you have done?
Me, I chose not feed that animal ever again.
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