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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Help Us In The 6th CD! New Audio From Michele Bachmann...

Update 11/10/2008 6th Congressional Constituent Letter To Michele Bachmann Sunday, November 09, 2008

...Bachman and Levin call Rahm Emanuel a "scoundrel" and compare Emanuel and Barack Obama to "The Sopranos". from Dump Michele Bachmann Thursday, November 06, 2008

Comment from Anna: "...her own party is going to reward her with a seat on Ways and Means for comments on National TV that hurt the entire ticket? Comments that were so outrageous that Colin Powell stepped forward and called them "nonsense"?..."

Common Dreams

"And Bachmann continues to abuse the privilege by suggesting that she serves and speaks as a Minnesota "outsider" in the Wellstone tradition"

"But Michele Bachmann's visceral partisanship, rigidity and McCarthyism mark her as a polar opposite of the former senator."

"Bachmann opposed everything Wellstone stood for when he was alive, and she has maintained that opposition."

Free Speech is a right by law. But Free Speech backed up by an insidious agenda to oppress and obstruct a targeted people is nothing more than "HATE."

Michele Bachmann’s ‘Hardball’ blowup: Minnesotans knew it was only a matter of time from the Minnesota Independent

"From lesbian stalkers to secret US deals with terrorists — and now, anti-Americans skulking round Capitol Hill — few members of Congress have..."

A complete Library of Bachmann speak and Bachmann antics... Go to Dump Michele Bachmann - Iowa KKK Rallies Against Gay Marriage from Dump Michele Bachmann Monday, January 02, 2006 "Michele Bachmann uses some of the rhetoric that Sadler uses (about "God's law"), but she doesn't say that she thinks gays don't have the right to exist. That's the same way the MFC and Minnesotans for Marriage present themselves. But signs like these were prominent at the 2004 Bachmann amendment rally."

MinnPost ERIC BLACK INK Here we go again: My experiences covering Michele Bachmann's statements

Minnesota Monitor Bachmann Campaign Pressures Media to Pull Ads Tue Oct 16, 2007

"The efforts by Bachmann's campaign mirror Bachmann's statements to take on the 'fight." She told Jason Lewis on KLTK,, "They're planning a big demonstration at my office in St. Cloud... to beat up on me. They'll bring all the local media out... so that I'll cave and... switch my vote on SCHIP, which is not going to happen," she said. "And let's go ahead and go forward with it because if they wanna take this fight on I say Bring it on."

MNPublius Bachmann votes for identity theft by Zack Stephenson

"Bachmann apparently doesn’t want poor people to know what their tax options are."


Voted NO on restricting employer interference in union organizing.

Voted NO on increasing minimum wage to $7.25.

Voted NO on overriding presidential veto of Farm Bill.

Change to Win
"I am so proud to be from the state of Minnesota....we have more people that are working longer hours, we have people that are working two jobs."

I don't expect 'this' Representative to do anything meaningful 'for' the people of the 6th CD again, for the next two years. Two more years of enduring a twisted class, color and congressional set of ideals. Oh Goody! Two more years of paying taxes for a public official who does nothing to add to the quality of life in the 6th CD. Oh Goody! Unless Michele's colleagues in the House can get her to actually 'work' as our representative, there goes more of our hard earned tax dollars down the drain. So, to all of the U.S. House Representatives that are really about something and work hard for your constituents and actually meet with your constituents in person at real town hall meetings, please teach Michele Bachmann the most important lesson you can think of. Please teach her what it really means to be an 'All' American United States Congresswoman like Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee and Rep. Jackie Speier to name two out of many great all American Congresswomen. Please show her how to be a better Representative for the sake of her 'All' American constituents living in the 6th CD of Minnesota.

Huffington Post GOP Battle Against ACORN as Much About Financial Deregulation as Voter Registration by M.S. Bellows, Jr.
"For example, in a fractious panel interview with Larry King, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman, acting as a surrogate for the McCain campaign, argued that anti-"redlining" legislation -- laws barring realtors and mortgage lenders from refusing to make loans in racial-minority neighborhoods -- caused the crisis:"

"Studies have shown, however, that the loans the McCain ad, Congresswoman Bachmann, and the other conservative politicians and pundits are talking about are not implicated in the current foreclosure crisis. In fact, 80% of subprime loans were made by institutions that weren't covered by the Community Reinvestment Act, and CRA-covered loans have a relatively low foreclosure rate."

Afro News Wall Street meltdown by Z. Prince

Bachmann Blames President Clinton, ‘Blacks,’ And ‘Other Minorities’ For Current Financial Crisis from Think Progress

"Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) sharply criticized Bachmann and other conservatives who have been trying to pin the economic crisis on minorities:"

The Environment Is Not A Truck: Michele Bachmann, Firedog Lake

"On the other hand, maybe Bachmann just thinks that as long as Christians are saved, whatever happens to the rest of the planet simply doesn't matter. But what are the odds of that?"

Rep. Michele Bachmann Votes Against Protecting Primates, Public Health and Safety The Humane Society Legislative Fund

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