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Thursday, October 30, 2008

~ prOmise ~

Read the letter Dear Red States from Blue Man in a Red District Wednesday, October 29, 2008
"....Please be aware that Nuevo California will be pro-choice and anti-war, and we'll need all of our citizens back from Iraq at once. If you need people to fight, ask your evangelicals."

"By the way, we're taking all the good pot, too. You get that dirt weed from Mexico and Kansas ditches. Peace out," The Blue States

I Voted For You, But… A New Website to Share Your Obama Voter Caveat. by Jim at Irregular Times Thursday, October 30th, 2008

I love color coded things, but never liked the red state - blue state concept. Too confining. Too TWO sided. Its for the Republicans and Democrat's only. What about all of the voters for Third Parties? Bet this years election will turn those red and blue states a different shade, a new hue. Maybe a Ralph Nader kind of fresh and honest rainbow cascade of color's.

If 'Everyone' voted their REAL CHOICE'S, we would have PSYCHEDELIC states by now.

Sorry, but the DNC and RNC have been discarded (thrown into the trash) by me for the rest of my life. The 'unforgivable' stunts the DNC pulled on Hillary and her caucus members at the convention still makes my stomach churn and my heart ache. And the absolutely 'deplorable' behavior of the RNC still yet today 5 days before the election, have proven they belong on a distant planet somewhere in the 3rd galaxy, far far away. They both better get their act together and toss out 'any' offending corrupt practices. Their antics disrupted more than just their members rights, they impacted every ones right to a fair and equal process. More than not, they ignored their candidates majority of supporters. Pitiful, just pitiful. As for the candidates, I am still writing in Hillary. My post's about why I am writing her in are easy to find if you want to search. But anyone who "WANTS" McCain for their president, after watching him, Palin and the RNC for the last month, must be completely heart sickened by their performance. Senator McCain seems to be missing something that would make him an honest opponent to Senator Obama. I don't know what it is exactly that makes him say one thing and then turn around and contradict what he just said the day before. I don't mind when he gets all tongue tied in his speeches, he's only human after all. I don't mind when he says 'My friends' one hundred millionth times in one speech. Not anymore. It's like that song 'Don't Worry Be Happy' running endlessly through your head. Pretty soon you just go numb from it. Next time someone says 'My friend', my alerted BS antenna will immediately pop up. I do mind that John McCain has confused me with his teeter totter style of campaigning. It makes him look as though he is not telling the truth when he switches his message around and around. Some say he is being erratic. Especially during the initial 'deafening sucking sound of our tax dollars' from the big Bait 'Us' and Bail 'them' Out scam. I summed his unpreparedness up to his staff not being on the ball with the information he needed to have in time for a public appearance. He could have smoothed down panic, but instead created a whole other problem for himself. I'm sure that isn't how he did business in the Senate! Otherwise, would he still be there now, after many, many years of serving his state? Why do you suppose he got all discombobulated? Palin is being blamed now and I don't think this has anything to do with 'her' personally. If anything, McCain was told by the RNC "this is your new running mate, so make it work if you want to be president." Because really, she will be president when you can no longer serve. Like for instance, if your health fails you and your VP has to take over. You know how that turns out. Haven't you ever been forced to work with someone you disagreed with both personally and professionally? It usually turns out to be a disaster for the one being force to adhere. The one forced to adhere is the one who ends up oddly laid off, fired or force to quit, feigning a health condition or some other unbelievable reason for their departure. Either you love what your doing so much you settle, or in this case, maybe you sell your soul for the one thing that eludes you. The one thing you want more than anything. The one thing you already tried getting. What a disaster for McCain. I didn't even notice him when he ran for president the first time against bush. But now I will never forget him and his painfully obvious obsession. I will forever tag him and connect him with the worst of the worst of the RNC and that worst of the worst is the NEOCON agenda. Sad, just so sad. If you aren't going to write in Hillary for President then by all means vote for Senator Obama. I am holding firm on why I'm writing in Hillary. I also plan on taking a photograph of my ballot and I'm sending the photo to the DNC. There are enough of us to make some kind statement about what the DNC did, even if we never plan on being a full fledged member (again), they - DNC need to see the results of their decision. There are enough Obama supporters to fill in for my lack of an Obama vote. After Obama becomes President I'll have to write his office about his FISA vote again, again and again. I've believed in Hillary since the 1990's and I believe Senator Clinton and former President Clinton believe in Senator Obama. They would not be out stumping for him tirelessly if they did not. Think about that for a moment. Anyone who supported Bill Clinton and/or Hillary Clinton probably should take another look at Senator Obama. Senator Obama does have that ability to walk and talk comfortably across party lines.

A vote for McCain isn't just a vote for a third bush term, its a vote for a President Palin and a fourth bush term. Four years times four years (4x4=16) is 16 years! Sixteen years of a bush dogma, bush style politics, bush talk, bush cronyism, bush crisis, bush wars. Can we really risk it and survive?

from Open Left I Voted by: Justin Krebs Thu Oct 30, 2008
Dear Suzan,
Today I, the great-great granddaughter of slave owners, voted for an African-American for President of the United States. When I saw his name on the voting machine, it hit me in a way I did not expect. I felt the weight of history and had to blink back tears until I got outside. No matter what the outcome, we have advanced as a people and a civilization in my lifetime and I feel privileged to have been a witness and a participant in all this.


A Chronicle of Despair, A Promise of Change by John Nichols at The Nation 10/29/2008

10/30/2008 by DHoward: "First time to post. I am in agreement with many of your other posters. I am a true moderate and was perfectly set to vote for McCain and then he picked Sarah Palin. WHAT WAS HE THINKING?? You don't win elections appealing to the base; they have nowhere else to go. You appeal to the middle. And that's exactly what this "infomercial" did. It's maybe the most powerful political ad I've ever seen (and I'm over 50). The star was not Obama but middle-class Americans who are struggling right now, not unlike some in my own family. This southerner from Arkansas might some day come back to the Republican party, but right now the party that best represents me is the Democrats. And it's sad to say, but race is the only thing that keeps this election from being a 60-40 landslide."

10/29/2008 by reality check:"...well done WELL DONE senator obama will make a fine COMPETENT president."

The Election of Our Lifetime by Dr Jill Biden at BlogHer 10/29/2008

"Electing Barack Obama and Joe Biden the next President and Vice President of the United States will be a victory for all of us. "

The Unraveling of the Neocon agenda by fresnoise at Fresno Famous Tuesday 06/05/2007 "It's their ideology that is so wrong and undermines the intent of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution."
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