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Saturday, November 01, 2008

SNL ~ Back To Life In 2008!


Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin (Fey) address the Nation on QVC

dilligaf1958 Says "This why I love SNL!! And kudos to John & Cindy McCain, we need a little humor in these hard times. Tina Fey, love her!!!!

Blessed2day Says "This was great! I really do like McCain, I just don't agree with his plans for this country. I almost voted for him once! Had Bush not screwed this country over and if Obama wasn't such an outstanding rep for the Democrats, I'd vote Republican. If, "if" were a fifth, we'd all be drunk! Way to go McCain, now get back to Arizona with the very tanned and rich Cindy."

I'm going to miss all of the skits that SNL has creatively come up with during this election year. Hillary (Amy) is still my favorite. I haven't laughed so hard at SNL in a long time. I was a regular SNL viewer back in the 1970's as a teen and not so much in the 1980's. The 1990's were for a totally different generation. I couldn't stand Adam Sandler on SNL, but love him on the big screen. Go figure. SNL viewers, we are a fickle bunch. Which makes the show last and last and last. Sometimes the group clicks all over the place and sometimes they don't. I actually found it funny again.
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