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Friday, October 31, 2008

RePosting...Yes Hillary: I was in it for YOU

"We saw YOU!" An Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton From: Marcia A. Pappas, President of NOW NYS August 28, 2008

Write Her In ~ Senator Hillary Clinton... by awakening Saturday, September 06, 2008

There has been a steady stream of visitors from google since early September, on a quest to find other people who plan to write Hillary In on their ballot. I thought it fitting to re post the letter from Marcia Pappas from NOW that I stumbled upon after I posted and linked to the petition site to Write In Hillary. Marcia found the words that I was feeling about losing Hillary as a candidate to vote for and by not having her on the ticket at all. Marcia echos the sentiments that many of us still feel TODAY.

"I also plan on taking a photograph of my ballot and I'm sending the photo to the DNC." #1,174: We signed the "WRITE-IN HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT" petition!

Nov 1, Washington: WRITE IN the candidate -- don't believe those who tell you it won't be counted! -- Just MAKE SURE TO PUT a (D) or DEM after the name HILLARY RODHAN CLINTON.


COMMENT from 2nurselady on 10/10/2008: "...the Clinton White House years were the best years of my life. Life felt great, our country felt great, and I felt as if the sun was shining on all of us who live in this great country. I long for days like those again. I would love for my grandchildren to feel how good it felt for most people in this country when the Clinton's were in the White House working for The People."

COMMENT from 2Nurselady on 10/12/2008: "I think the DNC and the Rules and Bylaws Committee have been totally out of line throughout this campaign and that both should be disbanded and restructured minus the present leadership."

COMMENT from 2nurselady on 10/14/2008: "...I feel good about it because I did not want to betray myself in making my decision. Hopefully, there will be others who make a statement with their votes and, hopefully, the message will be very clear for the candidates and, especially to the DNC leadership and Rules and Bylaws Committee members who I think behaved abhorrently in pretty much all that they did. I have to say..."

COMMENT from jryan999 at Newsvine on October 22, 2008: Hillary Clinton - The Write-in Candidate? "The right to vote doesn't mean the right to vote for who you are told to vote for. You don't have limited choices. The point of voting is to vote for who you best believe should be the leader of our country..."

from the Netherlands to the US ~ RACE IS AN ISSUE gepubliceerd op 29 oktober 2008 20:36, bijgewerkt op 20:36 By MICHAEL POWELL New York Times News Service

(I am of mixed heritage and do know some people still hug their prejudice's 'all sides' and cling to their class upbringing 'all sides'. This is the group that does need to try to remember someone nice on the bus, someone smiling at work or someone caring from a doctors office. One mental picture of someone nice that looked different, but had a common thread of feeling the same, melts away the fear of 'different' and warms the heart 'alike.')

(Associated Press -- There They Go Again, "ASSUMING SOMETHING!") Many voters yet to decide on candidate from The Boston Herald Saturday, November 1, 2008

PS... YOOHOO...Many presumed UNDECIDEDS for president have decided. But they - we choose not to tell anyone outside of a close family member or a friend, that we are going to either WRITE IN who we wanted all along or will leave the President blank and vote on a local level instead. We have two party's - the R and D (incompetent Research and Development) that messed with the majority of supporters and what they wanted. Both party's went ahead with their 'own' agenda, without care or understanding as to who their supporters really were. Media Is Not the unbiased clear eyed voice of the people either, as we have witnessed the last 8 years under a bush administration. Only a very few main stream United States media news outlets have done a good job at being objectively thorough in the realm of real JOURNALISM, period! Try focusing on the real news for once. Besides, we haven't forgotten who pads the pockets and pulls the strings of the U.S. mainstream media.

PSS...sorry if I offended the Boston Herald. If you have always followed the code by which journalistic integrity is depended upon by its readers, you are not among the list of "Integrity-Free" news outlets.
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