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Sunday, November 09, 2008

6th Congressional Constituent Letter To Michele Bachmann


"We Are All Related"

Mitakuye Oyasin

ونحن جميعا ذات الصلة

que todos estamos relacionados con el

Мы все связанные с этим

כולנו קשורים

note: used google translation tool

"Let Freedom Ring"
The Republican-NeoCon Reign Of Terror Is Almost Over!"

Well almost...

Update: Proposition H8 by jurassicpork at Welcome Back to Pottersville Saturday, November 15, 2008 "... perhaps the most tragically sad commentary on a nation that was founded on the principles of liberty, equality and the right to the pursuit of happiness..."

"Drunk on self-delusion, a staggering GOP whistles past the electoral graveyard,.." by Arianna Huffington at The Huffington Post November 8, 2008

Update: eight years of a drunken fraternity party from Raw Dawg Buffalo November 11, 2008

Updates from The UpTake: Coleman lead over Franken continues to shrink

Update November 11, 2008 from Dump Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann's Misplaced Priorities Comment from Bill Prendergast: "...It's no wonder she's concerned about the Fairness Doctrine--first post on her blog after the election..."

The gigantic 6th Congressional District of Minnesota didn't fair too well, again.

I'm so happy for the The 5th Congressional District - Congratulations!

The 5th Congressional District had the good fortune to Re-Elect one of the best voices for the people, an authentic Public Servant. They held on to "U.S. Representatives Keith Ellison!" Congressman Ellison is the first African American sent to the United States House of Representative from Minnesota and the first practicing Muslim to be elected to the United States House of Representative.

Will U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann have real 'in person' Town Hall Meetings now?!?

Open Congress Committee Membership

Hark, what is that I hear, "Michele will be strongly obligated to hold In Person Town Hall meetings in 2009 and 2010?" Town Hall meetings once every month? Rotating all around our very, very large 6th Congressional District.

Town Hall Meetings for A-L-L constituents.

E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E can attend you say?!?

President Elect Obama is asking everyone to roll up their sleeves and get involved.

What better time for United States Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and all of her constituents to get involved for the change's to come, to help repair the damage that was done the last eight years. Changes 'we' can make and believe in.

Hosting town hall meetings one time per month through out the district, 'Everyone' will have a chance to get involved.

We need to hear in person how Rep. Bachmann plans to proceed and she needs to receive our input as to how we would like her to carry our ideas and concerns to Congress.

Democracy In Action! Pretty Cool!

I would like to cordially invite the Michele that spoke 'nicely' and 'proudly' about President Elect Obama, to come to all of the town hall meetings that I attend.

I would rather the other Michele - 118k stay home on those Town Hall occasions, no offense meant.

If the 'other' Michele shows up I won't feel comfortable at all, mainly because I'm still not sure which culture of people my elected 'public' official deems as unequal. What if it is me? What if I am one of 'those' people?

Bachmann still hated by everyone except her 6th District voters Posted by Emily Kaiser at City Pages November 10, 2008

I would be so embarrassed to show up where I'm not wanted. Maybe even a little afraid. I don't think Michele would want harm to come to me, but what if there were people in the audience that didn't want me there and were mean to me? What if the mean people were so mean that they called me names to my face or chased me with pitch forks?!? That would be a frightful experience!

If its a choice of being forced to pay empty fee's for corporate greed, higher property tax and sky high rent and paying more for goods and services in my diverse neighborhood, I suppose I would be O.K. with that, if you can promise no one will chase me, my family or my diverse neighbors with pitch fork's or throw molotov cocktail's through our living room window's.

Oh I forgot, the gay couple down the street moved last year after being harassed by the 'new' neighbors and the Muslim family has a for sale sign out on their lawn, too. There was also the Arab family that ran a small store that someone burnt to the ground one night.

Oh yeah, and then there was that nice middle eastern husband and wife that the police swat team descended upon a few months back, they lived in the neighborhood for over ten years. I'll miss them all a lot! I think there are only two families left (including mine) on my one time growing diverse street, in the 6th CD now.

So, Michele could you write a bulletin and post it on your website or mass mail one of those glossy card board mailers? You could tell me, in your opinion, which cultures are not equal, which values are not equal and who is anti-american.

I would read the list and I would see if I could go to any of the town hall meetings in my district in the next two years. That seems fair, doesn't it?

Michele please let me know if I fit into the unequal, devalued or the anti-american category? Or, maybe I fit into 'all' categories? I'm sure I do fit into at least one of them. I'm almost sure that I fit all three.

I know, what if you had a town hall meeting for just the unequal, devalued and anti-American people, of your choosing? You could segregate us to the back of the room or better yet you could put us up in the balcony if there is one. You might feel much more at ease with us at least
10 feet away.

And you would never have to tell 'your' neighbors that we met and shook hands at a town hall meeting. That is, if you do shake hands with constituents. Do you? I'll bring the hand sanitizer for your convenience just in case.

If you will do an in person town hall meeting soon, I promise never to act like I know you out in public and I promise never to wave to you when passing you on the street. I promise to keep my eyes down when you talk to me, if you talk to me, too. If all of us unequal devalued anti-Americans sign a nondisclosure contract, then will you go to an In Person town hall meeting with all of us?

Excuse me, pardon me, I guess I got a little ahead of my self. I'm writing as though I'm one of "those" people already!

Anyway, I do look forward to attending one of your town hall meetings in the 6th Congressional District. Really can't wait! It should be a hoot! If I'm allowed.

The opportunity to have you teach us about your
brand of politicking will be most rewarding and surely it will be informative. Thank you in advance for any small show of tolerance towards me or others like me.

I'll be waiting on pins and needles for your personal invitation to the first In Person Michele Bachmann Town Hall meeting!
C.C. List

Please See My Profile below. This may help you and your staff in determining where I fit on your list...

I'm of mixed heritage with four distinct culture's running through my veins. I am of diverse origins, I am multicultural. When I was born it was still against the law in some parts of the United States for my Mother and Father to be a couple. There was a name for the once 'illegal' act of an inter-racial relationship called
Anti-miscegenation Laws Repealed 1948-1967.

I am a spiritual person that believes everyone has the right to believe or not to believe what they wish and I support same sex marriage.

I am ProChoice.

My children are mixed.

I am an advocate for 'Equal
Rights' under the law.

I am an advocate for 'Affirmative Action' under the law.

I am a human and animal Rights advocate.

I believe in separation of church and state.

My Favorite color is the Rainbow.

Michele Bachmann: "Not All Cultures Are Equal" EXCLUSIVE VIDEO FROM The UpTake October 24, 2008 "And it's because we all came here and we came together as one. Out of many one. Multi-cultural diversity says out of one many. And if we go with tribalism we will not long be one nation united under God."

Michele Bachmann Flashback: 'Not All Cultures Are Equal' "Oh, and "not all values are equal" either." BY TAYLOR MARSH 10.24.2008

Comment Daryl24 10.25.2008: "BTW Bachmann totally mischaracterized the riots in France as did the questioner. The kids over there never said no to joining the French culture or give us more welfare. As a matter of fact they have been SHUT OUT for the most part. Good grief."

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann: "Not all cultures are equal." from MOMocrats October 24, 2008


Comment Tina October 25, 2008: "What's great to hear is how much money she raises for her opponent and other democrats every time she opens her mouth. Seriously how did this one ever make it to Congress in the first place."

"What is going on in that district?"

Another Bachmann liability: Mortgage troubles abound in her district By Molly Priesmeyer Minnesota Independent 10/20/08

Against all reason, Bachmann and others blame 1977 fair-lending law for adding to economic crisis By Andy Birkey Minnesota Independent 9/24/08

from Michigan court OKs ban on credit scoring in insurance Posted by David Eggert The Associated Press August 23, 2008

Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm said the ruling is "great news" that will lower rates for many residents.

"Critics said the practice is unfair, illegal and disproportionately affects minorities, younger insurance holders and the poor."

"California, one of only three states, prohibits credit scoring as a factor in setting auto insurance rates..." from Consumer Watchdog April 24, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Obama from the Huffington Post October 19, 2008

Stepahnie Miller Show

Rachel Maddow Show

David Sirota

Help Us In The 6th CD! New Audio From Michele Bachmann... Thursday, November 06, 2008

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