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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

~ The Start Of Something Good Is Coming! ~

The NeoCon Agenda Changed America! The NeoCon Agenda Shamed America! The NeoCon Agenda Broke Our Country! The NeoCon Agenda Tortured and Destroyed Another Country! The NeoCon Agenda Has Got To Go!


Seriously, I want to cry. "...I also just learned that my niece in SC, who is blind and voting for the first time, was told she had to stop voting because she'd gone over the time limit allowed..." from Valbee at BlogHer

Reactions, predictions, feelings, fears, experiences, emotions — anyone? "...When we got there a 97-year-old Black man was being wheeled out of the polls in his wheelchair. It was the first time he had ever voted in his life..." from NewMexiKen

Jill, official older daughter of NewMexiKen, reports: "...Mack hit the choice for president, Aidan for senator, Reid for the representative and all four of us hit the “Record Your Vote Now” button together..." from NewMexiKen

This morning my husband and I headed for our polling place. We expected to wait. We didn't have to. Since there are never enough booths, only four for a good sized school district, we went right to one of the folding chair's along the wall. No signs with arrows leading the way to the area to vote, as there has always been for years and years of elections. Very small group of people for 7:15am in the morning. The sun is shining and everything feels right about today. I wrote in Hillary for President, adding a (D) as someone had suggested from the petition WRITE IN Hillary for President. I chose Dean Barkley (I) for United States Senator and El Tinklenberg (D -I) for United States House of Representative. I also chose the DFL candidate for the Minnesota House of Representative - Shawn Hamilton. My husband chose Obama for President, Dean Barkley and El Tinklenberg for United States House of Representative. My ballot didn't get rejected this time, my husbands did. I'm going to have to email the MN SOS and ask about these optical voting machines and why they do this. I had planned to take a picture of my ballot, except that I felt a little funny doing it out in the open in front of everyone. I'll still send the DNC my message though. Unfortunately the picture I wanted to take would have made a much bigger statement. This is how strongly I felt about the tactics used to dismantle Senator Hillary Clinton's 18 million supporters along with their vote. And being dismissed from serious consideration by not adding her the ticket. I feel good about my vote today! My conscience is clear! I trusted my instincts and it felt right! I feel really good about today!!!

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Write Her In by awakening Saturday, September 06, 2008
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