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Friday, May 16, 2008

Citizen Against Lies Has a new look and even more good reading!

SHELLY HAS A NEW LOOK! War Funding in the House is DENIED by Shelly at Citizens Against Lies May 16, 2008 "Victories like this are so rare I don’t even know how to react. I keep thinking there has to be a catch. From here, it goes to the Senate. Call your Senators! Thank your House member for doing the right thing? They were just doing their jobs, finally, but reinforcing good behavior might be wise. Maybe they’ll do it again." Read more

Help Me Attend! HELP SHELLY!
I am looking for donations to attend the National Conference for Media Reform June 6-8 2008, Minneapolis

I like Shelly's new look. Very polished looking yet reflects a unique graphic style that shouts 'SHELLY' all over it. I'm impressed! The post about Thursdays House of Representative's soap box and soap opera escapades is one of the most thorough I've read.

5/6/08: Support John Kerry’s Investigation Of Military Propaganda from the Velvet Revolution "Since that story ran, there's been a virtual news blackout with no follow-up , and we haven't gotten any closer to finding out the real story."

An eerie start Posted by AnthonyS at Alterdestiny Saturday, May 17, 2008 "I sat by a 22 year old returning from Iraq..." And "He said, “I want to be near some trees."

I caught some of the House session on C-SPAN Thursday evening. Nancy Pelosi gave such a sharply worded speech regarding the --OCCUPATION / INVASION-- funding, that I had to freeze frame and savor a few times. I really strained to grasp her words and the meaning of her words. I thought....Is This It?

Cindy For Congress

Is this finally the place where 'this congress' becomes the United States CONGRESS again? I'm serious! I lost faith and respect in 'this congress' after a string of senseless activity. Meaningful hearings with useless outcome's void of any lawful follow through, divisive votes on holiday / religious preference that excluded millions of US citizens and absurd attention spent on sports issues, slick oil salemen crying for mercy and more money, a propagandied outed CIA agent and a table full of banker bunko artists. And the loathsom drool of elitisism on ALL Katrina hearings and approving the same {war} Occupation / Invasion funding over and over!

Corporate Welfare - enough is enough! Truth Surfer

our state lost 10,000 jobs in April. MN2020

The domestic package, with the GI Bill, UC, Katrina aid and more, passed 256-166... from Uppity Wisconsin

This congress has tested and tried my patience to the ultimate level. That christmas vote in 'this congress' WAS the last straw. The last straw of hope that common sense would be injected back in to 'this congress.' There is such a long list of the bizarre, the inflamatory and the cruel, that if I am forced to find all of my posts and links, I might make myself ill.

So, I've just been waiting - waiting - waiting and watching for sign's of real democratic republic life in that historical structure once hailed as a great American Symbol for 'We The People' in our Congress. That prestigious body of law makers reduced to an odor of bad law mockers.

Even when 'any' good legislation was taking place, it surely didn't permeate effectively above the nasty odor of the bush dogs constant stinky Obstructionist daily constitution on the United States Constitution. Not to the main stream - main street citizenry. The nasty odor cover's the decent lawmaking attempts to legislate the business of 'We' the people.

What did Speaker Nancy Pelosi do? She spoke up, finally spoke up! She seemed deliberate. GOOD! She seemed irritated. GOOD! She seemed truly disgusted. GOOD - GOOD - GOOD! Maybe, just maybe 'This Speech' is the first real sign of life. Is this what real democracy might look like? I've forgotten.

Dear Congress, What is wrong with you? by awakening

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Iraq..." Think Progress

Potshots, Rockets and Tents Baghdad Observer

Does this congress finally realize what the people have long known? Or is this just another citizen pacifier laced with a tiny - tiny - tiny taste of democracy in action? Just enough to linger in the memory until Congress goes on VACATION? If 'this congress' takes another stand on behalf of the 'People' and another and another, then maybe I'll believe what they say they mean.

If they leave for their vacation without an ounce of actual tangible evidence, then this day of May 15, 2008 in the United States House of Representatives was only another stall. A stall leading up to a Senate 'drive by' into the sunset of recess time. I cannot begin repairing my attitude towards this congress.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him into a patriotic public official. Or is it "trying to make a silk purse out of a drink of water?"

Sorry, I tend to slip into NeoCon without even realizing it!

See what this administration has promoted? A lesson for me in my utter ignorance as a gullable uninformed citizen!
Becoming de-bushed is going to take a lot of hard work!

BILL MOYERS: ...his conversations with the Bush administration insiders responsible for the use of
"enhanced interrogation techniques" - torture - on detainees at Guantanamo.

Leading by ETHICAL example is still a must.
Always and at all times.

Unfortunately though, war mongers and greedy criminal obstructionists march to their own drum beat.

A drum beat we can no longer 'afford' to put up with.

Follow Through Congress, this time follow all the way through. Don't leave congress for vacation until you have followed through on the people's business. Thank you.

War Funding Bill Stalls in House By Jonathan Weisman
Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, May 16, 2008 "For the first time ever, the U.S. House has now taken decisive action to bring this war to a close," declared Alan Charney, program director of the antiwar group USAction." AND "When the Senate takes up the bill, its version will include war funding, but prescriptions on troop withdrawals and torture will probably fall to a GOP filibuster."

Rebuild what? Republicans are not done destroying their brand by The Big E MN Blue May 16, 2008 "Ron Carey is a genius."

Poor Little Misfit Congress Christmas Story by awakening Sunday, December 16, 2007 "Someday I will rewrite this story. The new story will have a happy ending, I can only hope."
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