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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Born to be Green....


New Orleans News Ladder Chere'Yat Bourgeois Nievete...

Thank you to New Orleans News Ladder for your posts on the Green Puppy and the Natl' Green Building Conference....

Green Puppy Born In New Orleans CF News 13 Friday, May 09, 2008

National Green Building Conference

5/11/2008 - 5/13/2008 New Orleans, LA
Who Should Attend:

Pilot Project: Oakland Green Jobs Corps

Sowing the Seeds of Environmental Stewardship
D.C. Greenworks’ Green Collar Job Training programs are a successful marriage of ecology and economy, a living demonstration of how employment and natural resource conservation support and sustain one another.

B'more Green

Job Training & Placement in the field of Environmental Technology
A Civic Works Initiative

Environmental Certifications:

The following certifications were granted to B'more Green graduates of 2007:

Currently, 12 of the graduates are full time employees for Power Component Systems, ARC Construction Services, and Environmental Design & Construction, Inc., earning an average wage of $14.36/hr. What a year!"

EcoMom Move over Soccer Moms, EcoMoms Will Change the World by Melissa Siig

Green Jobs -
An Update from Good Jobs, Green Jobs: A National Green Jobs Conference
March 16, 2008

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Minnesota's Green Economy: Pawlenty gets out-hustled by his peers in recruitment of green jobs by: Dan Haugen Minnesota Monitor Mon Apr 28, 2008 "...reportedly spent about one of every three days this year outside the state, much of it campaigning for John McCain. Some think he needs to spend more time stumping for Minnesota as a place for green jobs"
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