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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hillary Is Not An Exec. Adm. Assistant...


...Training The New Junior Exec. The Jr. Exec. who Ascends Up The Corporate Ladder - through the secret glass ceiling door. He leaves the Assistant (almost always a woman) behind. She stays to mold and train yet another new series of young business men in the ways of business etiquette, business making and building. This is such a common theme...often she knows so much more than her male counter parts, yet stays behind to train and mold a classroom of working males, over and over and over.

Many, many women have taken this role on, find meaning in it and have done a wonderful job. If they have achieved a respectful alliance with their boss, they will have a life of their own outside of work. And if they have not, meaning their boss has them working 24/7, then their life is pledged to every tiny little whim of their boss. And it is the higher ups -usually men of the same mold making process- that expect her to have no life outside of work.

Thankfully women have come a long way up the corporate ladder. Woefully not nearly enough when compared to the ratio of high ranking women CEO and CFO's to their male counter parts. Not in this year of 2008. There are other disturbing indications that working women have been pushed down the ladder when scanning over things like wage, benefits, hours and so on.

Working for a safe work environment is once again coming up on the radar of what working people value among other essential needs. Administrative Assistants from all business types and sizes go way beyond the call of duty in most cases. They are the glue that holds the operation together. They most likely are the single thread that keeps other employee's respectfully focused and motivated. And they in many cases are a deep core reason for the longevity of solid account maintenance and new account building. 'Why' you may ask do they do it day in and day out? I challenge you to find someone and ask them.

No, of course Hillary is not an Executive Administrative Assistant! We have put up with the media distortions of Hillary and Barack. Twisting, turning and knotting of each candidates steps, words and even how they looked and what they wore or didn't wear. While not an ounce of great journalistic objectivity was equally used on both Hillary or Barack, the MSM created a fairytale for the McCain NeoGop candidacy.

Looking forward to a century of war in Iraq By: Courtney Haden Birmingham Weekly

Now, today a writer at the New York Times writes about how Hillary may have helped train and develop Barack, getting him ready for the vicious NeoGOP.

Lessons Learned The Upside of Being Knocked Around By Mark Leibovich New York Times May 11, 2008

I might've seen this article as a compliment, if it were run after the (D) candidate were already chosen in August and if it was not Hillary being chosen to run as president. She is going to the convention. Plain and simple -- this is democracy and this is historical. So She, her supporters and the democratic process deserve the utmost respect and right of way, up to and beyond the convention in August 2008.

I am so glad she did not quit! The more the MEN (esp. men in power) speak out against her and the more Super Delegate Men who jump ship on her, the More I am in awe of her ability to push forward! I didn't think I could be more inspired then I already was from years ago, as I've already written about on this blog.

The line of anti-Hillary men in power has grown by leaps and bounds. But women still out number all of the men in power. Don't they? There are a great many men who do support Hillary and that's a really good sign. She is seen as a leader by some of us, and she is not just any woman. She is someone many know, needs to be part of the new administartion. There is so much more left for her to do, to help our country.

I will vote for Hillary And Barack. Still hoping they will run together. I really hate it when a pundit comes along to say, "He (Barack) can put any woman in the Vice President seat" No, not really. Hillary is Hillary and no one is like her. Wish those people would think about how their 'all women are the same' so just pick any of them, the people will go along. No, not really, again!

Same with Hillary. If she doesn't choose Barack as her Vice President, then the whole year plus election results --what the people want-- is for naught. The whole essence of what each individual is about will be wasted on someone who is not them.

It really does come down to Hillary and Barack teaming up in order to undo the party that has destroyed our country...that would be the Republican NeoGOP Party (I mean no offence real conservatives, as always).

Dream Team Together!

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    Happy Mothers Day To Hillary Clinton Our New President or Vice President! Friday, May 09, 2008

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