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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shades of Kerry...Is Senator Hillary Clinton Being Swift Boated?


add on...2/24/2008
Ohio has had a treacherous history of voting suppression, intimidation and voting machine problems. The constituency is probably feeling that their system is as fragile as a cracked egg shell. They need truthful and smart information.

I Love Brad Blog! Always on top of issues surrounding elections and voter rights..."The BRAD BLOG : OHIO MELTDOWN '06 and a long, long dirty laundry list of misdeeds -- the Ohio 2006 election has descended into the calculated chaos that has become the trademark of a Karl Rove election...

The Democratic Party membership of good dem's (as opposed to bush dog dem's) must exercise insight, compassion and common sense when dealing with the most fragile of rights...the right to vote without fear tactics. Shame on Barack Obama's camp for playing dirty tricks. Yes..Shame on you for hitting Ohio where it already hurt! by awakening

Why Didn't This Clinton Show Up Earlier? by Matt Stoller Open Left Sat Feb 23, 2008 80 comments "and his notorious flyer designed to neutralize her health care advantage)"

The New York Times shows about 117 comments for this article. The comments that captured my attention had to do with the Ohio mailer that went out from Senator Obama's camp. The mailer that sends the incorrect - wrong - misleading - false message about Senator Clintons Health Care plan and NAFTA.

Hope someone gets a copy of this mailer and posts it for Everyone to see...especially people from Ohio who have the Internet.....hope someone distributes new flyers to the citizens with the honest information.....hope someone prints the truth in a full page newspaper ad.....hope someone can undo the damage that this has already caused.

I wrote in the previous post, Senator Hillary Clinton was the spouse of the then president, with a then Congress and a then Vice President. She was not a policy maker, nor had she held any political office at the time when NAFTA came in to being.

Basically, she was a voting citizen just like you and me, who happened to be the wife of President Bill Clinton. If John Kerry (who I did not vote for) had raised his voice - challenged his opponent long and loudly - when he was being swift boated by rabid Rovian tactics from the NeoCon play book, maybe, just maybe the rest of us would have snapped our attention towards his campaign.

Looked over to that side of the race? Yes, looked over. Unless you were politically plugged in and as I know now...getting real news from the good Blog' would we have known? I didn't know what a blog was, I didn't know what was the truth and what wasn't and seriously...why would I go hunting for it? It was serious for Kerry, but my local papers had watered the whole thing down and made John Kerry look sort of blurry on the subject.

The message I should've gotten at the time, was that this election - 2004 - needs everybody who can, needs them to lend a hand. This election - 2004 needs everyone to know the truth and here it is, over and over and over. But then again, maybe the Kerry camp did and I still missed it because of the MSM's agenda. I soon learned after Hurricane Katrina that local main stream media was ready to move on to other things and rarely looked back.

Swift boating is telling a lie to look like the truth by using snippets and arranging them thusly. This kind of tactic is going to be called out into the light of day and this kind of tactic is gonna be challenged. So, Senator Clinton - Holler Loud and Long...this is swift boating by your opponent. Doesn't matter who that opponent is, it is wrong!

I read several different online newspaper comment section's on articles about Senator Clinton. Even though there seems to be very limited support for Hillary on those cyber pages from day one, I know that I'm not the only one thinking the Kerry Swift boat attack. Wonder how many of us are ultimately using simple logic to deduce each candidate’s phase of action in this presidential race.

I can't think of any candidate I could hate. But it's plain that there are 'saturated to the bone' haters of each candidate and they - haters are the ones that seem to find pleasure in having their say, through multiple duplicated posts. Hillary haters are the most vicious by far. Even the radio shows on Air America get callers who imply the most irrational thought process about Hillary Clinton.

It usually involves subtle sexist remarks, with a shot at her by way of her husband. Thank goddess we don’t have a law that shackles and stamps a scarlet 1 on every woman who has been married to a man that has gone off the path of their union. We’d see a sea of scarlet 1’s everywhere we went. She’s the one, blame her! Stop it, stop it, and stop it.

Her husband was the President, she wasn't, he did it, and she didn't. Riding coat tails. Her laugh. What she wore. How her hair looked. What Is That Really About? Senator Clinton's real life bio shouts many personal accomplishments, many social achievements, many civic activities, many international efforts and a victorious political marathon in her state.

I have a hunch that the other side (R) do not want Senator Clinton up against McCain (if he wins his party nomination) She would wipe the floor with him. I want UNITY more than anything! We just need to turn the volume up when the MSM wants to mute and dilute the facts. Had we done that when Kerry started getting hit with the NeoCon machine in 2004, we might be watching a whole other kind of presidential race this time around.

A kinder kind of race. A Clinton just may be needed to head up the cleaning crew, after the mess the bush dogs have made. Can you guess who her crew will be?

added 2/ 24/ 2008 I wonder if Senator Obama knows what his Ohio mailer reminds us of... SBVT - Ad against Senator John Kerry at You Tube...if you think its different because of the place and time and circumstance, you haven't thought it through yet. Take a piece of your life, something you were dedicated and proud to do, no matter the adversity. And then have someone come along and rip it to shreds and glue it back into a distorted commentary about you.

I wonder what they'll try to use on Texas voters...

The Caucus The New York Times Political Blog February 23, 2008
Clinton Offers Regrets for Spouse’s Remarks By Julie Bosman The New York Times

(pasted into post exactly as written from the article...)

COMMENT #11. Posted by Andy February 23rd, 2008 8:37 pm

REPLIED TO Angel #6, you have it wrong about Sen. Obama’s mailer in Ohio.

He is not “citing accurately” he position at all.

It is editing and distorting it.

It was nothing but an innocent mailer.

Why do you think Sen. Obama send this mailer to the people of Ohio?

The health scare using a Harry & Louise tactic from the Rep. book is deplorable from him.

And on trade: what? He does *not* support NAFTA ? Hardly….

Obama was the first presidential candidate to officially declare his support for NAFTA expansion moving through Congress. He said :

“I believe that expanding trade and breaking down barriers
between countries is good for our economy and for our security, for
American consumers and American workers.”

So what was his intention with this mailer if not imply to Ohio voters that
he is against it and that it is Sen. Clinton’s fault that people loss their jobs?

Sen. Clinton outrage is correct: you cannot run a campaign based on “unity” and
on ending the “old divisions” ( Bush’s mantra as well) and all those beautiful
words of change and hope and sneak behind mailers full of innuendo
to scare the he— out of people not to vote for Clinton. It is instilling fear and
then telling people in Ohio to vote for him based on these fears.

Definitely negative, divisive and the same dirty politics “as usual” being played by Sen. Obama.

It debunks his mantras, and his whole theory for running.

So, yes, shame on him.

— Posted by Andy

the opinion that caused Andy to reply above....

COMMENT #6. Posted by Angel D. February 23rd, 2008
I actually saw Mrs. Clinton’s speech at the “State of the Black Union” and the subsequent question/answer period on C-Span this afternoon. I thought that she acquitted herself quite well and went very far toward rescuing her legacy with Black America.

Unfortunately, right after that I saw her irrational and angry attack against Barack Obama from earlier in the day for a campaign brochure being distributed in Ohio that (accurately)cites her previous support of NAFTA and the fact that her Universal Health Insurance Plan would require penalties to enforce its mandates.

Every time I start to regain respect and goodwill towards Hillary Clinton, she does something else to undermine it! Sad, indeed.

Hillary Slams Obama Over Deceptive Ohio Mailers By Jeralyn at Talk left Section Elections 2008 Posted on Sat Feb 23, 2008 183 comments

COMMENT: Hillary can't afford to let Obama mislead Ohioans about her position on NAFTA -- as in Wisconsin, it will be a big deal there. I'm glad to see her fighting back hard on this one.

Obama Mailer Slams Clinton on NAFTA Submitted by Jeff Ohio Daily Blog Wednesday 2/13/2008 "I just received my first mailer of the presidential race and it's a doozy."

Submitted by jammief on Sunday 02/24/2008

Researched the Obama Ohio mailer and found that
Tennessee Gal at Democratic Underground Sunday February 24, 2008

Obamas Misleading Mailer On NAFTA Hits Ohio Submitted by modernesquire on Wednesday from Buckeye State Blog 02/13/2008 "Obama and Clinton have an exact identical record on trade. Both voted against CAFTA. Both voted to support the Bush Administration's proposal to expand NAFTA to include Peru. If you can find a difference in voting on international trade issues, please share it."

"Jeff has the full mailer for y'all to see but let's clear the air of this right now."

Senator Hillary Clinton Honored To Attend The The State Of The Black Union with Tavis Smiley Saturday, February 23, 2008
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