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Saturday, December 13, 2008

~ A BENEFIT SHOW FOR ANDRE CURRIER ~ Next Thursday Night....



Rappers find niche in Sioux City

"In time, locals have become more rap-friendly and now, the musicians have secured a performance spot every other Thursday at the Chesterfield."

"There are about 15 rappers in Sioux City, Jefferies said, and he hopes the label's continued success will open more opportunities for them. The more people hear local hip-hop, the more they'll appreciate it, Jefferies said. Ultimately, Jefferies would like to work with artists in other Midwestern states."

ANDRE's MY SPACE page is being regularly updated by a family member.

The Chesterfield
1225 Fourth Street Sioux City Ia




DEBO "aka Deric Hartnet DEBO's Latest Blog Entry -- Rap/Hip-Hop Night @ The Chesterfield (view more)"

Jon Jube



Tha Family: General Info

Heard that Andre's younger brother Tony refuses to go to the hospital to see him. And I hear that Tony is causing his Mother more grief than she needs right now. Tony reminds me of his Uncle Michael when Mike lost his Mom to cancer. Andre is alive and he's asking to see his brother. This is heart breaking for Andre and his Mom.
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Anonymous New Orleans Ladder said...

Howdy, I had spotted your visit on my statcounter and came over to check it out.
While reading your blog, I was listening to Roy Blount (the southern writer, humorists and linguists) being interviewed on Bob Edwards on NPR.
He was talking about Mel Blanc (the creator and voices of Bugs Bunny et al) who had gone into a coma after his stroke.
Blount mentioned the "safe place" right when I read it on your blog. He said that you could speak to Mel and he would not answer. But you could (and I kid you not) say "What's Up Doc?" and Mel would answer in his Bugs Bunny voice.
My best friend had a stroke and was in a coma for about a month. She said she could hear most of what people were saying, but she too described a "safe place" as if her body would take her there.
So I tend to believe that people are "in there" enough to never give up hope for their return or at least their comfort at knowing they are not alone.

Keep talking to Andre and play him his favorite music all the time whether you're there or not. Make sure it is Andres favorite music, straight from his own collection.

I plan to carry that post from day to day for a little while.
You know how New Orleanians appreciate people that appreciate New Oleans so hopefully this might help.

I hope Andre gets better.

December 14, 2008 11:36 PM  
Blogger Awakening said...

Thank you Editilla,
When I posted my gratitude for your link to Andre's post, I was so warmed by the gesture. We all believed Andre could hear us from day one. His Mom would kiss his cheek and stroke his hand and face, she felt Andre lightly squeeze her hand that first day after the first surgery. As if to tell her, he was in there and he wanted her to know it. His Mom has been put under tremendous stress with the lack of nursing care available at the hosptial. Some day later on, I'll be writing about those days at the hospital. This is not unlike many other hospitals who have Nurses working 12 hour shifts, while enduring Nursing shortages. Let's just say...Andre's Mom has been a gigantic life force for her son and those not so nice Nurses felt her fiery breath on their necks when they cared not about her son receiving practical help w/ his most simple needs. Largely because they kept repeating that they (doctors and nurses) didn't expect Andre to survive, to explain their inability to provide basic routine care. Andre's Mom is an amazing woman! And Andre deserves no less than the BEST care available. His Mom is making sure of that and is very involved in his care at the hospital. She is the reason Andre has made it this far. I sent your comment on to Andre's Mom...she will be touched by your words, as Andre will be too...when she reads them to him. His friends and family are on a constant instinctive vigil for full recovery. You and the New Orleans News Ladder make a wonderful difference on so many levels. More than you may know. Thanks again Editilla, you are an Angel!!!
awakening gave me a great idea for new graphic flyer for Andre.

December 15, 2008 9:16 AM  

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