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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Debate ~ Senator Clinton


This debate, not unlike the others, showed that both candidates will work well together after the nomination. I like that. I am going to trumpet Senator Hillary Clinton, for standing on principle and for challenging the moderator's. It is about time she said it out loud. Both my husband and I watched the entire debate. He feels that Senator Clinton will make the best President. He also said that if Senator Clinton and Senator Obama ran together against the (R) they would kick butt and take names! This from someone who voted for bush two times in a row and has gone through an array of emotions about those votes. He is not the type to admit mistakes, so this was very painful for him and I often felt very sad that he had to go through this. I used to look at him sideways when he made those remarks. Was he joking or serious, I couldn't tell. This man rarely makes a comment about his 'feelings' on the subject ever since I've known him. But this time around he is talking about this election almost daily. Even though I know what I feel, I like knowing how he feels too. This is COOL!

Senator Obama gave Senator Clinton points for delivery for her celestial speech...too funny!

How About Obama's Other Name. The Israeli One. .Common Sense 02-27-08 "Maybe that's why he can get along with others so well."

Message to msnbc....Keith, Chris and Tim didn't have a clue what Hillary meant by the pillow remark, which was not aimed at Barack, but at them - "Media Majority Talking Heads"...Men and their Men Crushes! Laugh Out Loud Funny!

Hillary Clinton is my hero. Welcome to the Tiki Hut! Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Hillary Clinton IS change. She represents the changing role of women in American (and global) society."

Senator Hillary Clinton, An American Hero by Dr. Carolyn The Democratic Daily February 8th, 2008

"Because of you, Senator Clinton, thousands of WTC volunteers have free medical care for their rescue related illnesses. I was absolutely astonished when American volunteers that I still keep in touch with told me that I could also get help despite being a Canadian."

Give Hillary Clinton a Boost to March 4th and Beyond! by kevin22262 at MyDD, Sat Feb 23, 2008

" one remarkable moment, we saw the kind of president Hillary is going to be -- the strong, compassionate, and brilliant woman who will make us proud as president."


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