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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Andre has Been Caged - In REHAB???

Update: Andre went home from the hospital the evening of 1/1/2009!

O.K. this is dark age stuff. Andre's Mom has been on a virtual roller coaster ride w/ the nursing staff in the Rehab unit. Never seems to end, the bad stuff! Neglect of practical care by the nursing staff is the number one issue. There is a list, that I will go into once Andre is home. Yes, Mercy Medical, I will be writing about you. And it isn't going to be a glowing report at all. Right now, I'm told that Andre has been placed inside a giant sized playpen. The One On One care (questionable to say the least) has been taken away. Now the nursing staff has placed a pen around Andre so that he will use the call button to the nurses station. Andre cannot discern when to use the button, per his Mom. I will write about where Andre is at on the cognitive scale in another post. Oh yea, the feeding tube that was green with puss and hurting Andre, that was cleaned by his mother. She lifted his shirt because he kept saying his stomach hurt. She asked for help from the nurses to clean the whole area. They would not help her. She did it herself. She found a puss and blood stained shirt stuffed among the clean shirts, when she went to put a clean shirt on Andre, too. Absolute neglect by the nurses. Really, with the very long list of stuff either not done for Andre's practical care (negligence) and the few out right "mean" things caught by visitors that nurses did to Andre, over all I would give Andre's mother a huge award. An award for endurance of the awful care that her child is receiving. Andre needs to be watched over, Yes. But putting him in a cage like an animal, which even that is considered backwards by today's standards for a recovering pet, a person with a Traumatic Brain Injury contained in a cage, today?!?! Some dark aged stuff going on at that hospital in Sioux City, Iowa. This is bad stuff.

Update 12/21/08: "Andre's Benefit Show was 'Snowed out', instead of 'Sold Out.' Sioux City had 10 inches of snow the day / night of the benefit..."

TAVIS SMILEY ~ The ROAD TO HEALTH Health Care is Not Color-Blind: Race Impacts Access to Care by Kauthar B. Umar, MA
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