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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Right of Center Is Not Center...

Obama Failed To Secure the Base Before Betraying It by Mother Davis at Irregular Times Sunday, July 6th, 2008

"...because they wanted precisely what Obama refused to offer: A progressive campaign."


"...and the damage needs to be repaired with a complete and honest apology from Obama himself."

Video Feingold on FISA: Is Klobuchar Listening? Blue man in a Red district Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mother Davis writes a message that say's it all. It expresses exactly what I feel about Senator Obama's 'Righteous Pandering' pivot, 'Choice Chopping' sound bytes and Big 'Bush Bully' Brother muzzling...looking like just another 'Obstructionist' politician. Egad! He's looking like a Bush Dog Dem!

Actually the only 'Change' I know I can count on, like clock work, is the one that gives me multiple solar and freeze flashes, daily. Damn, here comes another one! There is nothing like running to the kitchen, with arms stretched out like wings and then managing to get the freezer door open and sticking ones head in. Sheer heaven! Then its back to my three layers of sweaters, till the next one. The freezer is for the really raunchy flashes. The fan does nicely most of the time. Anyway, where was I...?!?

Is Senator Obama trying to nudge the Left to --Center--? Instead of forcing the Right to atone for countless Missteps, Misinformation and MALICE. Some have publicly compared Iraq and Katrina to nothing short of genocide.

Samantha Power Examines Genocide and the State of Human Rights at DePauw Discourse 2005 Human Rights Scholar and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Samantha Power. from DePauw University A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide

I question the media's term --CENTER--! Center would be in the middle. In the middle would mean half way. Well, where Senator Obama has navigated himself, is not the Center. It is right of Center. He is in Right Wing nuts and berry land, not in the middle of the road, where middle means halfway. True conservatives don't live in the same land where Senator Obama has enthusiastically ventured.

There is a faction of left and right that do like to meet in the middle. I don't think that is where Obama is Right now. When Obama sided with the FISA bill, he might as well have sat in the lap of the fanatic (R). For that matter so did a whole bunch of bush dog (D)ems. Nancy Pelosi has stated numerous times that Iraq belongs to the bush administration, but I think the (D)'s now have legal squatting rights to the occupation and invasion of a sovereign nation. And will have full ownership of the newest war mongering effort. if it --Goddess Forbid-- comes to Iran's doorstep.

I recall a few folks making statements about the time Iraq was invaded, how the economy would benefit from it. They were sighting every history book from era's past, that stated how the economy was boosted because of war. It didn't work did it? Why, why would anyone think that is a justified reason to attack and kill? It makes no sense. No sense at all. The people who made the remarks of course believed all the spin about why Iraq was being invaded. I didn't believe it then and I don't believe the spin about Iran today. Warring is barbaric. Period!

Arne Carlson, Jesse Ventura, Hillary Clinton, Keith Ellison, Jackie Speier and Paul Wellstone, are my favorite public officials. I tend to use their living examples to size up all of the other's. They may have not been perfect in all steps, but they all have something that others may not...they have the Edge. The edge that comes from growth. Wisdom, maturity and courage comes from growth. If a public official can connect with diverse groups of people without waffling on the issues they believe in, the issues I most care about, then I am interested. I look at the deeds a long the way. If it matches in the places that matter - actions and words, I am impressed. After I have received a consistent message from their actions, from their deeds then they earn my respect. Then my support.

When Obama made a statement about what 'he' thought of abortion, he was sliding his wing tipped shoes across the wrong line. Making a judgment about a 'woman’s' state of health and separating and defining whether physical or mental was the most important, crossed the line. Now, I'm going to have to go back and look at his vote on the Terrie Shiavo matter and see if he wrote a statement about that one. That might be where I have to begin, to see how he views women’s health overall. That matters to me.

When Obama agreed with Scalia on the District of Columbia gun law, lets just say Obama was too smoochy with the polar opposite of progressive, for my liking. A bit ludicrous don't you support lifting a private citizen gun ban and then squash individual privacy rights with FISA. Just my opinion.

If his 'advisors' continue to guide him down this road, with his blinders on, he will lose big. Everyday the sun sets, he risks losing what he worked so hard get...his reputation.

Hmmm, maybe someone from the media will correct this obvious miscalculation of where center really is, that they say Obama has moved to. He is really not in the center at all. Maybe they need some emails with a few drawings, to show them where middle - center is. Better yet, maybe the media will share more opinions like mine, like Irregular Times and the countless other's, and then ask him 'Why?'

"Why would he risk his good reputation for a little right wing stage party?" Why would he let his 'advisors' lead him away from the first stage, where Senator Tom Harkins first introduced him as 'this years rock star.' I want the best person for President, but she already exited stage Left.

Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes Dissembles on FISA, H.R. 6304, Security and Liberty by Jim at Irregular Times COMMENT from Tom "i’m looking to Nader again and i suggest everyone else at least hear what he has to say (and he’s consistent over the years)." Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Will the real conservatives please stand up? Ira Eisenberg SFGate Friday, March 10, 2006

"demand President Richard M. Nixon's resignation for abusing his constitutional authority and denounce the Vietnam War as "the biggest damn fool mistake we ever made."

Senator Obama's Red October? by awakening Thursday, July 03, 2008

"I still am off his bandwagon and will still fuss at him every time he steps off the progressive common sense trail."

Message to Senator Hillary Clinton about the FISA Bill... by awakening Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Thirdly, I am a tad concerned about you urging your donor’s to shift their dollar support to Senator Barack Obama at this time."


"I liken the FISA vote outcome to a hornets nest."

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