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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Senator Obama's Red October?


Where's the Change? by Steve Soto The Left Coaster Monday June 30, 2008
Update (11 AM PDT): Obama’s distancing continues today. He does a ‘Sista Souljah’ on, on an issue that was dead and didn’t need to be resuscitated, unless you were aiming to score points at your allies’ expense.

Posted by Mike July 1, 2008 04:37 PM ....Obama is triangulating from the right as he did during the campaign. Then his minion's said 'trust him." There was no reason to then, there is none now. McCain is an incompetent fool, but Obama does not support my issues; there's no way I can support him. Once again, it's third party time.

Posted by riverdaughter July 1, 2008 ....Ok, who here is shocked by any of this? Anybody? You didn't see it coming last fall?

This is not a temporary thing for Obama. he's not going to snap out of it after the election. He's not doing it *just* to win. This is who he is: a pleasing facade for the same old people we've all been complaining about for the past several years.

And there 's no need to vote against Bush's third term. Obama is just the presumptive nominee. Hillary is still available. She's certainly no worse and in many respects a whole lot better. More experienced, knowledgeable, competent and a lot more likely to tell Pelosi et al to shove it when their legislation and earmarks don't suit her. To me, this is a no-brainer.

As Senator Obama reveals a few of his abstract plans, he is slowly morphing into the kind of political cat that I like the LEAST. While he courts the religious right wing nuts and berries, he is wading into territory that many folks believe is and religion. Separation of Church and State! There are good deed faith based organizations, no doubt about that. Under the bush administration, however, you can bet there a lot of bible thumping - prosperity driven - political groups too. The fact that he - Senator Obama is promising to expand a religious program started by bush, is just more of the same and not enough of the repair. Where's the Real Issue talk...the Economy, the Jobs, the Oil prices, the Education talk, the Health care plan, Worker Rights and where is the lets get out of Iraq chat? Wheres the talk about the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights from a Constitutional Professor? What better time to teach and re-teach the public. This election is now feeling like a dud and me thinks the throng of Obama supporters got thumped and dupped just a little bit. But if Senator Obama is using a very old trick to deflect the rabid right attack machine then his new approach is brilliant. I still am off his bandwagon and will still fuss at him every time he steps off the progressive common sense trail. After all I am a social humanitarian Independent - all for one and one for all. Remember the movie Red October? Remember when the crew turned the submarine head long into the missile before it could arm itself? Remember what happened? Brilliant!

Sent A Stern Message to Senator Obama.... by awakening Friday, June 27, 2008 "I'm not sure yet what kind of Democratic Party member you are quite yet. I am not a Democrat, but I realize now that there are several types in your party."

Conflate This Too...Looking for BUSH Democrats 2008 by awakening Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Enough Said, Not Yet....Senator Hillary Clinton On the Issues... by awakening Sunday, June 08, 2008 "Barack Obama will need a bit more scrutiny from me over the next few months. I need details and that is what John and Hillary gave me. Details, not just abstract tag lines or idealistic broad strokes, real devil in the details, details."

"Now I have to take a break and then I'll see if Senator Obama can deliver that same kind of 'Umph.' That triumph of strength in communicating detail's of a plan, being able to pivot from one detail to another on a platform kind of ‘Umph’ that John Edwards and Hillary Clinton gave me."

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