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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sent A Stern Message to Senator Obama....


Even though I haven't posted most of the email messages I've sent elected officials, this one and the one to Senator Clinton is probably one of the last I will need to write to either. Unless Senator Obama takes another wrong turn and takes a position that the party leaders dictate, he won't get another lecture from me.

sent 6/26/08

Dear Senator Obama,
I am writing to express my opinion about your position on the FISA bill. Your statement of support for the House of Representatives vote to move the bill forward surprised and disappointed me. I wasn't shocked however because you are obviously running to win your campaign. I will say that I will continue to write your office every time you take a position that is in direct conflict to what our country needs to repair and restore its place among civilized peaceful nations. I thought that I could vote for you when the idea of a Dream Team might be possible. Combining Senator Clintons strengths (which are many) and the symbol of what I thought you stood for. After you made your opinion known about the FISA bill, I have decided not to vote for you. I believe you made an error in favor of your party leaders desires, which happen to reflect very little of what the voting public want or need. Your congress has a low approval rating for a reason. That is because the people do not see expected improvements since 2006. Expectations created because of Democratic candidates stump speeches and promises. I'm not sure yet what kind of Democratic Party member you are quite yet. I am not a Democrat, but I realize now that there are several types in your party. If you are going to pick up where the current president left off by "Dismantling the US Constitution" then I am suspicious as to what other great and good American testaments will disappear under 'your' administration. I truly did not expect you to support something that is by all account so un-American. From some of your your advisors yes. I witnessed how your campaigns sound bites traveled the mainstream media and the blogesphere, how one sided the talking heads became against Hillary Clinton. The difference between this election year and the ones that preceded it was that two historical events took place at one time this election year. Which sadly diluted both your and Senator Clintons ability for a one candidate sweep of a whole hearted nation. Instead we had to divide our attention between the two of you...I chose Senator Clinton. I had been waiting for her since the 90's. That was a very difficult and trying time. What it showed me though, was how many of your colleagues really think about the American people. And that is not a compliment to us. The first phase is over and now the next test comes. Senator Obama, I urge you to always stand on your principles, be straight forward and upfront from the start. No waffeling please. I won't vote for any politician who wants to give this country a perpetual spin of 'more of the same.' An obstructionist attitude towards common sense and ethics (FISA) must end with the current president’s administration. The symbols of progress, growth and hope will only come through the citizens complete ability to be allowed to be a fully participating part of his or her community. To be allowed full rights as a citizen. Citizens who are our most senior know what they need to thrive. And the young adult citizen knows what they need to survive. It is the citizen who must have access to the most basic of needs right now and the rest will fall in to place on an individual - independent but united march forward. That can only happen if this land of laws works in favor of the citizen. As it had for many, many decades. It can't be a 'land of lots' for a small number of corporatons. Otherwise the phrase 'An American Dream' will fade away with all of our freedoms. I won't vote for you until I am convinced --Again-- that you are back to being your own person. The person that I was inspired by at the Iowa steak fry. The person that supported the FISA bill is not the same person at that steak fry and is not the same person that appeared to be progressive through voting records. I will vote for local officials I think best suited for local needs. If I don't vote for the President of the United States November 2008, it’s only because I lost the best choice I had. Thank you.
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