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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Enough Said, Not Yet....Senator Hillary Clinton On the Issues...

I get the feeling that some would like all 'Hillary Talk' to go away. Right now!

Some people have already moved on, because they have been adapting to what was to be the end of the campaign trail for awhile now. Just like John Edwards supporters did -I was one of them. That takes a great amount of strength. Doesn’t it?

I liked John Edwards platform much more then Hillary's at the time because I thought she had changed from what I knew her to be back in the 1990's. It was the way she came out in the beginning of her campaign. It was the way she appeared at times that caused me doubt about voting for her.

I wrote her often enough (a long time before her campaign started) asking her to please talk about this or that and to do something about that thing or another. Surely I was put on one of those lists that would prevent me from going to a Hillary event. Although I did get an invitation to go to Washington for her speech! As I'm sure lots of people did.

But is it healthy? Is it wise? Is it too soon? Is it too soon to start supporting the next candidate?

For me it is. I'm not a Democrat, I'm an Independent. I know I would never vote for a Republican NeoCon. Never!

Now I have to take a break and then I'll see if Senator Obama can deliver that same kind of 'Umph.' That triumph of strength in communicating detail's of a plan, being able to pivot from one detail to another on a platform kind of ‘Umph’ that John Edwards and Hillary Clinton gave me.

Barack Obama will need a bit more scrutiny from me over the next few months. I need details and that is what John and Hillary gave me. Details, not just abstract tag lines or idealistic broad strokes, real devil in the details, details.

I enjoy the experience of learning about candidates when they want to teach me their ideas and not necessarily speaking on my level. Speaking on my level is a good start though. I'm not a politician and don't speak politicaleez and I don't really like reading a bunch of political jargon. If that candidate has the ability to connect with me through the spoken word and / or the written word, it is a soft skill I value greatly in all professional people.

I like Senator Barack Obama. He's a magnificent speaker with an aura of peaceful reserve. I'm just a tad nervous about his ability to withstand the NeoCon machine.

If he shows that he can stand up against the NeoCon's then I'll feel a little less worried. He needs to go face to face with McCain the McTastrophe.

I need to 'see' how Senator Obama will deflect and detour the fanatic fringe on both sides of the political mosh pit, as well as the MSM's (cable news included) tendency for producing sensationalism instead of real journalistic news. If only everyone could watch and listen to CSPAN!

As I see it, it is the fanatic fringe that got us to where we are today...going broke and feeling hopeless. So, how Barack deals with them, will show me how he will do in the White House, where we can't see behind the scenes.

Former Senator John Edwards and Senator Hillary Clinton have lived through something that Senator Obama has not. How it feels to watch someone close to you become a political target. Senator Kerry and President Bill Clinton were targeted by the NeoCon machine and so where their close ties. Former Senator Edwards and Senator Clinton lived within the dust cloud that the NeoCon machine whipped up. Their perspective and their decision to stay in the political realm, is both a personal and public test that they passed, with flying colors. They stayed intact, they stayed grounded, they forged run for the President of the United States.

I don't need to feel comfortable, I don't need to feel warm and fuzzy, all I need is to feel satisfied that Senator Obama has the edge to be the next President of the United States. How I believed in John Edwards and then Hillary Clinton was different to a degree. How I believe in Barack Obama will be different too. They are all different people, different candidates, but with the same thick thread of decency for true democracy running through each of them. But it isn't so simple to just jump on his band wagon; I still don't feel like I know him well enough, yet.

Up to the day Senator Obama picks his Vice President, I will be pushing for the Dream Team - Obama and Clinton!

McCain may be battle tested, I am a pacifist. McCain may be battle scarred, I am a humanitarian. McCain may be battle ready, I want peace. The McCain WAR machine of an era gone bye-bye is not the kind of person I want for my country today. Plain and simple!

Hillary Clinton has been a champion for many causes over the years and I always liked that about her. Many of her causes encompass my beliefs about social issues. She has grit and she say's what's on her mind, when times need it. She is savvy and smart. She can spring back in an instant and she has the skill of life and career.

She came on my radar in the 1990's and I grew to admire her greatly. Her strength in character, her communication style and her amazing way of making a point, has always captivated me as a woman. I always thought 'WOW' if only I could be that strong, that smart and that courageous. My attributes are not near as strong as Senator Hillary Clintons, which inspires me even more; because I can still see what she sees for the future.

I get the feeling that some would like all 'Hillary Talk' to go away...right now.

Some people can move on, because they have been adapting to what was to be the end of the campaign trail for awhile now. That takes a great amount of strength.

But is it healthy? Is it wise? Is it too soon?

There is something about the Senator Hillary Clinton campaign I cannot let go of yet. Proactive, Progressive and Equal...she emboldens it, she embodies it!

Once she is off the radar, I don't get to hear this kind of necessary talk anymore, not on any regular basis - the good, the bad and the ugly. The media has perpetuated much of the discussions - the good, mostly the bad and the down right ugly side of taking someone down because they are a woman.

A woman at work was talking - loud enough - with two other people, one man and another woman in the break room. She had an issue with Hillary wearing pant suits. Mind you this was just the other day. This woman seemed to think that Hillary wearing pant suits meant that there was something wrong with her and thus something was wrong with her husband Bill for allowing it.

I had to pull myself out the door and hold my tongue. But then I had to chuckle, this is the same woman who thinks computers are bad, bad like an evil spirit bad. She does not like all of the modern electronics and thinks everything should be done without them. Yet she is a Clerical Support person. Go figure. So, anyone who has issues with Hillary, issues that have nothing to do with her ability to run the country or ability to be the Vice President, will forever make me think of the lady who doesn’t like Hillary because she never wears dresses and thinks computers are evil!

Will the discussion of equality, progress and being proactive go back under ground when Senator Clinton takes her leave? If the talk does go back under ground, that's sad for me, that’s sad for everyone.

I’ll never forget the time when my job was eliminated and the new Supervisor tried as he might to get me to quit. He even said "we can do it the hard way or the easy way, you decide.” He didn’t want to pay unemployment, even though the department heads changed and my job title was merged with another, he decided that 'I' must decide to do it the hard way or the easy way.

Ha, I decided the hard way was better to quitting. Why would I quit, I loved my job, I grew professionally in my job and my career was because of the company I worked for.

I was so perplexed by this new Supervisors behavior that I almost saw my endurance as a test for me. It would either make or break me. I ended up being laid off and collecting unemployment. This was in a different state than Minnesota. By the time I came to Minnesota job searching I had begun to heal and I found resolve in not quitting. I didn’t let that mean old Supervisor see me look weak, not once. I even went back to visit my old company colleagues to “Hi” one time. It was a nice visit.

Then a year later there was huge shake up in the company and everyone was let go. I was so sad about the loss the people suffered, that I was almost surprised by the lack of feeling shock and anger that I had felt when I was forced to say goodbye to people I enjoyed working with. I was a company person, breathed company, dreamt company, everything was about the company.

After that, some how I learned to decompress and de-company myself and re-focus on the things that inspired me about working for a new company. I actually like how I see my career evolving since that time, long ago. Life is too short and I found that I enjoy making time for me too. I also should note, I like assisting people in preparing a new strategy when they face difficult times in their job, I’ve assisted my family and I assist others everyday in my career. That’s my passion for the time being, until the next turn in the career path rises up to meet me.

My daughter and I have a bond with Hillary from the 1990's. It was a letter that we wrote together to the First Lady. And still today, we believe she (her staff) helped to resolve the issue that my daughter wrote her about. That was Bill Clinton's second term I believe. I did not vote for Bill Clinton at least one time, I voted for Ross Perot.

I can't for the life of me remember who I voted for the other time --thank you menopause!

Anyway, grief and loss must be talked about. Talked about and talked about. So, anybody who wants 'Hillary Talk' to go away soon will be greatly disappointed. And anyone who can't wait for the grief and loss to heal is not necessarily the kind of person I'd want to meet up with at a voter's rally or a peace march.

Have a heart all of you "OTHER" supporters....have a little heart for Hillary supporters.

Let them, let me adjust to the idea of the other historical event taking place….

Hillary On the Issues

Strengthening the Middle Class

Providing Affordable and Accessible Health Care

Ending the War in Iraq

Promoting Energy Independence and Fighting Global Warming

Improving Our Schools

Fulfilling Our Promises to Veterans

Supporting Parents and Caring for Children

Restoring America's Standing in the World

A Champion for Women

Comprehensive Government Reform

Strengthening Our Democracy

Reforming Our Immigration System

An Innovation Agenda

Creating Opportunity for Rural America

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