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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

REEFER MADNESS In Campaign 2008 The Media Are On Drugs!


Women who would vote for McCain aren't really truly dedicated to Hillary Clinton the Public Servant of the people...for their President. If you've followed Senator Clinton's life, then why in gods name would any women evoke McCains name as a choice, ever!?! Stop the maddness ladies and go for the greens or the reformists, but never, never go for Johnny McCain, not unless you want a dainty apron, a clunky vacuum cleaner and a strand of fake pearls as your next birthday gift! I myself, will push for Obama and Clinton - my Dream Team! McCain? Everyones nightmare!

....check out the links above...there's actually some cool things in each. There is also the opposite side of the spectrum. Work related stuff like the leather encased day planner my husband gave me for a Christmas present many years ago. It was one of the nicest Planners I'd ever seen. But that was the year I had already stopped wearing a watch. It was my emancipation from being a slave to time, obsessing over not having enough time to do everything and no time for me time. At least he stopped buying me pink clothes. Yikes! Makes me love him even more.

Madness - 68 min - Jan 13, 2006 Public Domain Video

I Want You to Know by Lindsay Levin at BlogHillary 6/5/2008 10:46:31 AM "Hillary sent out the following message:"

Late Night: Piece of My Heart By Jeralyn, Section Elections 2008 at Talk Left

"She won the older voters, women voters, rural voters and blue collar voters who make up the bulk of the country's voting populace. [More...]"

If Not Hillary, Then Surely Not McCain BY Tim Weaver Brazen Careerist 06.3.08

"If you’re a true Clinton supporter, there’s no way that you can believe John McCain represents your interests more than Obama does."

BlogHillary Discuss 1384 comments The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening.

"The AP story is incorrect. Senator Clinton will not concede the nomination this evening."

An Independent Clinton for President? Sunday, May 07, 2006 by awakening "but still manages to do his piece justice and give Senator Clinton the highest compliment a woman can hope to receive....A genderless one...."

A Few COMMENTS from BlogHillary....

PLEASE DON'T SAY IT!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! by rebecca4636 at 6/3/2008
PLEASE DON'T EVER SAY YOU WILL VOTE FOR MCCAIN! PLEASE! I need my husband to come home! I have two autistic children that are ages 3 and 4, and I can't do this alone.

I BEG YOU! DON'T vote for McCain, EVER!

I'm not crazy about BO either, but I would NEVER vote McCain into office because that will be the worst thing to ever happen to THOUSANDS of americans families who need their daddies, mommies and their husbands and wives.

I know you all are trying, we all are trying like crazy to get her elected, but don't vote for McCain, please.

Please don't say it by Scott Shawn DeRocks at 6/3/2008

I just noticed your post and my heart breaks for you. I will support Hillary in whatever decision she feels is best for her, but voting for McCain is not an option for me. Between the war and womans rights, McCain is a giant leap backward. Write in Hillary, don't vote, but please for the love of God, or Goddess, don't vote McCain.

AP "story" by JadeinGa at 6/3/2008

Beth Fouhy wrote the story that broke this morning. Am I just paranoid or does it seem like a conspiracy is afoot? To my knowledge AP has yet to retract the story, but even if they have, the damage is done. How dare someone state the race is over on a day that voters have a last a chance to have their say.


You mean the media has PICKED our nominee by skates at 6/3/2008

Shame on the democratic party - what have we become. I thought we represented the people, instead the party manipulated the process and the people. Shame on us! If this is what I can expect, I don't want to be a democrat anymore. Hillary - I'm behind you - wherever that may be . ..

Halleluia by jody4958 at 6/3/2008

I totally agree, I could not vote for Obama, period.
If the unthinkable happens I will write her in or boycott the election. And aren't you sick of reporters referring to her as Hillary, Mrs Clinton or HER, meanwhile Obama is ALWAYS referred to as Senator Obama . Jody S

Newbie1 Hmmmm by newbie1 at 6/3/2008

It is still a fact that women make less than men doing the exact same job.John McPain's solution.....if women want the same pay as men they should go out and get more education and training.This is a recent quote.Is anyone's blood boiling?A vote for McPain is a guarantee that we will have 4 more yrs. of Bush policies.There is sooooo much I dislike about BO but,to me, he is the lesser of twin evils.

Run as an Independent by Tamy at 6/3/2008

What is wrong with government today is the strangle hold that the 2 party system has on our government. Partisan politics and loyalty to a party is more important than doing what is right for the American people. THe only way to break this cycle is to have a viable 3rd party candidate win a general election. Hillary is that candidate!!

PLEASE Hillary, run as an Independent. You can count on my support and my vote!!! America needs you, please don't let us down

In particular, the Whigs supported supremacy of Congress over the Executive Branch and favored a program of modernization and economic protectionism. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Abraham Lincoln was a Whig leader in frontier Illinois. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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